Construction Activities with units

Construction Activities with units (Engr. Ubaid Ahmad Mughal) Construction Activities with units, Earth work:- Earth work in excavation and earth work in back filling are usually taken out separately under different items, and quantities are calculated in cum. Foundation trenches (Trenches Continue reading Construction Activities with units

Inspection Checklist

Inspection Checklist By Engr. Khawaja Ali This Inspection Checklist comprises of set of information required for a structural inspection and thus can be renamed as “Structural Inspection Checklist”. It includes all those things which are required for inspecting any building or Continue reading Inspection Checklist

9 Inch Wall Foundation Section

  9 Inch Wall Foundation Section Foundations are the most important part of a structure. The whole stability of a structure depends on how strong the foundations are. In order to make a durable house you need to focus on Continue reading 9 Inch Wall Foundation Section


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