Hydraulic Engineering Experiments

Hydraulic Engineering Experiments

Hydraulic Engineering Experiments. The Word Hydraulic Deals with liquids and their different properties. Hydraulic Engineering is an undergraduate subject for civil engineers in various universities. Hydraulic Engineering is a branch of civil engineering which deals with fluids principally water. Hydraulic Engineering Experiments. Civil engineers doing masters in hydraulics are called hydraulic engineers. Dams etc comes under the responsibility of hydraulic engineer. Hydraulic Engineering is covered in two parts one being the theory part and the other being the lab part in which all the experiments related to hydraulics are performed. Here are some of the hydraulic engineering experiments performed in the lab part with complete procedure and apparatus etc.

Hydraulic Engineering Experiments

Experiment # 1

“To establish steady uniform flow conditions in laboratory flume and to determine the Chezy’s constant “C” & Manning’s roughness coefficient “n””.

Experiment # 2

To Investigate the relationship between specific energy (E) and depth of flow (y) in a rectangular channel.

Experiment # 3

To Study flow characteristics over a hump or weir.

Experiment # 4

To Study flow characteristics of hydraulic jump developed in lab flume.