Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Engineering which deals with the environment is called as environment engineering, the simplest definition which can be written. It includes all those methods which are required to improve and protect our environment including air, water, land etc for humans, animals, birds, insects and other species available. Control of pollution also comes under environmental engineering similarly waste water, safe water for drinking, water supply design, waster water or sewerage design system also comes under environmental engineering. Usually this is the work of environmental engineers but civil engineers are also taught this subject as they have ab option of doing masters in environmental engineering and be an environmentalist. Civil engineers can also design waster supply and sewerage systems like environmental engineers. We have gathered much information about these two designs and proper step by step design is available from start to end. Laboratory experiments are also available at this website. Dont forget to like us. Keep visiting.

Environmental Engineering
The Water Cycle

Environmental-Engineering 1


Design of Water supply Scheme

Design of Sewer System

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  1. Plz solve this problem the total alkalinity of water is 250mg/L as caco3 and ph is 10.5. determineHCO3- ,CO32- and oh- alkalinity. pkai ad pka2 are 6.35 and 10.33 respectively

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