Project and Contract Management

Project and Contract Management

Project and Contract Management

Safety Management at Construction Sites

The Above topic will be covering the following parts

  1. Accident‐ Effects & Causes
  2. Responsibilities & Organizations for safety
  3. Planning for safety
  4. Safety management system
  5. Benefits / Barriers in construction safety

Safety Management at Construction Sites (Click Here to goto safety management at construction sites Post )

Construction Safety

(Accidents: Causes & Remedies)

1. Cranes, Types and Hazards (Click Here for Cranes)
2. Stairs & Ladders
3. Excavations
4. Scaffolds
5. Material Handling
6. Electrical Safety
7. Fire Protection
8. Chemical Hazards
9. Hand & Power Tools

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  1. Does anyone have a good excel for simple project management costing sheet with inflation expense and income and also sensitivity analysis? with consideration of various debt equity ratios.


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