7 Marla House Plans

7 Marla House Plans

“Marla” is a traditional unit of area that was used in Pakistan, India,and Bangladesh. The marla was standardized under British rule to be equal to the square rod, or 272.25 square feet, 30.25 square yards, or 25.2929 square metres. As such, it was exactly one 160th of an acre. Read More Here

In Rural Areas of Pakistan like villages 1 Marla = 272 square feet whereas in urban areas it is 225 Square feet.

Following are some 7 Marla House Plans including first floor and second floor. These are for you to have an idea about the kind of plan you want to make or choose any plan like these for your own house or for someone else. These Plans help viewers to choose from a variety of different house plans in order to make a perfect house for themselves. We keep adding more plans with time. so keep visiting this website.

New 7 Marla House Design with Ground Floor, First Floor, Send Floor and 3D Views 
New 7 Marla House Design

Double storey 7 marla house plan with first and second floor plan
(Click on the image for a larger view)

7 Marla House Plans

7 Marla Ground Floor and First Floor Plan419201365305

7 Marla House Plans, 7 Marla House Plans, 7 Marla House Plans

New 8 Marla house Plans with 3D Views
New 8 Marla house Plans with 3D Views

8 Marla House Plans Ground Floor and First Floor
8 Marla House Plans Ground Floor and First Floor

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  1. sir i have 7 merla plot i need a skich of 7 merla map my plot lent is 52 foot and width is 27 foot please help me out for plaining house map

  2. Sir I have a plot of 6.7 Marla I need for it mape drawing for construction
    widget 46.5 back north to south
    widget 42.5 front north to south
    length 37.75 east to west
    length 44.5 east to west main gate at east side corner

  3. Your designs are wonderful. Can you favor me to share a design with following details:

    35×70 (9 Marla)
    Corner Plot

    Exterior design something like old houses of 70s and 80s

  4. Hi sir i need one nice plan for 40 × 90 pls with maximam beds can you email me i m greatfull to you

  5. Aslam-o-Alekom,
    Dear Deam,
    I have 7.5 Marlas plot with the dimension of 45×35. I need House Plan/Map for Ground, First, Second and Roof top.


  6. Please help me i have 7.2 Marla Plot having with 28.3″ front and 70 feet length please give me proposal of map home constructions…Thanks Aamir

  7. Assalam O Alaikum
    Please give a single story 8 marla house plan with two bedrooms, drawing dining, lounge and store. Porch suitable for two car parking. stairway leading to mumty from inside .

  8. hi one kanal plot in AWT 2 looking for some plan with swimming pool in/out door covered area in between 7 /10 Marla with the cost of construction i be thankful to you

  9. Dear Brother,
    I have 45×40 size Plot in Lahore and want to contraction could you please send me your plan and exp etcc.

  10. Asslam o Allakum sir I have 29’x60′ plot
    Front is 29feet
    I need double story house design map and also coast…..
    Thanks for Big favour….

  11. hi dear,
    Please help me to make, home about 7 Marla , double story, 38.5 ft X 40 ft

    thanks & Regards,

    Manzoor Hussain

  12. i have plot of 30×56 please send me a map in witch i want two bed room one drawing room three bathroom one kitchen and one lounge

  13. Dear,

    I want to build a double story house measuring 30 X 60 i.e. 7 Marlas, I need a good open design that should be ventilated because this requirement is for my personal use.

  14. Hi,

    I have a 30*60 plot and want to build a double storey house on it. Its in Islamabad so CDA laws apply i.e. 6 feet to be left open at front and back.

    Each storey should have 2 beds, drawing dining and a tv lounge. I want the lounge on ground to be spacious and should have complete TV wall.

    Ideas would be much appreciated.

  15. I have plat of 7 marla with dimensions of 61 feet length and 31 feet width, not a corner plot. front road 30 feet. kindly share some idea of map i want to construct it.

  16. I have 56ft 3in. Length and 26ft 7 in.
    Its a corner plot . North and east are closed. South street width is 5ft 4in.
    West Street width is 6ft 7in.
    Accommodation required :
    Ground floor:
    1. 2 bedrooms
    2. Drawing room with attached bath.
    3. Tv lounge of intermediate size.
    4. Open kitchen attached to tv lounge.
    5. One bathroom attached with tv lounge and with one bedroom.

    2nd floor :
    1. 3 bedrooms .
    2. Closed kitchen.
    3. One bathroom.
    4. Open hall .
    5. 1 balcony .

    Kindly send me the map of house.
    Thanking you in anticipation.

  17. AA,

    I have a plot with size 30*60. i would like to built house, but looking for some good map and suggestion. could you please help me in Map of house.

  18. AA,

    I have a plot with size 30*60. i would like to built house, but looking for some good map and suggestion. could you please help me in Map of house.

  19. Dear Sir/Madam

    I have 53ft fornt. 52ft width
    Its a corner plot . South and east are closed. North street width is 5ft 4in.
    West Street width is 12ft 7in.
    Accommodation required :
    Ground floor:
    1. 2 bedrooms with attached bathroom
    2. Drawing room with attached bath.
    3. Tv lounge of intermediate size.
    4. Open kitchen attached to tv lounge.
    5. One Store
    2nd floor :
    1. 3 bedrooms attached bathroom.
    2. Closed kitchen.
    3. Open hall .
    4. 1 balcony .
    Kindly send me the map of house.

    Thanking you in anticipation.

  20. Aoa
    I want to make 4 rental house my land is 45 *16 each house would be 11*16and one 12*16 double story and separate ways in case of different rentals means if some one wanted to take both floors at same time have no problem and just one floor shouldn’t bother other .floor with 3rooms with Sun sidee land is free from three ways
    Looking forward for your kind act plz send respond on my what’Sapp 0093784933004

  21. Aslamoalekum
    Merrey pass 7 marla ka plot hy
    31.6*60 ka front 31.6 or leangth 60 feet hy plz muje es ka house map tu bna dain

  22. Aslaam o alekum

    Dear Sir
    I need 2175Sqrf 58f*37.5f sketch with three bed room,drawing room and kitchen with dining table


  23. Aslaam o alekum

    Dear Sir
    I need 8.5 Marla( 51.8f*45f) sketch with three bed room,drawing room with attach washroom and kitchen with dining table.


  24. Aoa, I liked the maps which are uploaded on this website. I got a plot sized 41 ft front and 44 ft length. Can you provide a map of two bedrooms in ground floor/two bedrooms in f.floor?

  25. i ve a plot of 36 by 60 sq ft north facing. i want 4 side open windy house with 3 bed with attached bath and one lounge and drwing room with 2 cars porche…. what will u suggest?

  26. Got a plot size 60×60 facing front towards south, willing to construct a double unit set for personal use on 35×60, can i have some floor plan ideas.?

  27. AoA sir i want to built a 7 marla house double story 3 or 4 bedrom in ground floor plz send me some desings or maps area=31’/60′

  28. Salam Sir;
    I have 11.42 marla plot with size (40X70) corner plot.70m main road side and 40m in side road side . My plot opposite of main road is school and commerical market.I need at least 3 bed room and one guest room which will be having access to house as well..Also need car parking should be covered.Kindly send possible design of the house and drawing as well.
    Thank you so much

  29. Sir,

    I want to design a 7 marla house with following details, kindly guide with map.

    1. Single Room ground floor
    2. Drawing/dinning
    3. Kitchen
    4. TV lounge
    5. Powder room


    1. 2 Rooms 1st floor
    2. Tv lounge
    3. Servant quarter with bathroom

  30. sir i have plot of 47×28 please make a map of home for me 3 bed room 2 bath room 1 kitchen 1 drawing room car porch and upstair with related with drawnig room and home use in fture for rent 1 portion ,and one use for me pleaseeeeee sir mizri16@gmail.com

  31. AssalamuAlaikum Sir, I have need map for plot who’s size 42*52 feet please send me best Designs of this Size Thanks Alot.

  32. Mjy ghar ka naqsha banwana hai, but mra budget 10,000 max hai.. Kya ap mra yeah kam ke sakty hain? Cover area is 2,100 Sq Ft. (single story) plot size (50 x 90). Where front is 50 & depth is 90. By laws as per LDA.

    Bilal Sheikh

  33. salam dear 1 have a plot of 10 marlas and want to buil my house in seven marlas size of plot is 49.5*55.i want to build 3 bed rooms 1 drawing room a hall, one kitchen and 2 bathrooms plz seng me a map of this size

  34. AoA Sir,
    I have a plot of 7-Marla with dimensions 27ft by 61ft. 27ft is its fronts.
    I want to build a house or an hostel over there. Kindly help me out with this as your plans are quite attractive. Thanks.

  35. Asslam o alikum bhai mera plot 33×58 hy 33 front hy ek front pe hy street lgti hy bus muje koi achaa sa plan den jismain 4 rooms, 1 common toilet bath, 1 kitchen, drawing room with tiolet bath, 1 garage. plot retli zamin pe hy to osky lye foundation kesi honi chaye jo mazbot rahy gi????

  36. sir,

    i have plot or 88*128 two sided road, wanted to construct 3 set of double story of residential homes,

    please suggest plan and designs.


  37. R/Sir, I have a plot total 8 marla measuring 30×6 . 12 ft for back courtyard and 9 ft for front courtyard are compulsory, One toilet bath is permissible in back court yard., space for stairs also is to be given in front courtyard.
    Please send me floor plans with 3 or 4 bedroom , one drawing cum dining, two bedrooms with attached toilet bath and single toilet bath for all rest rooms .

  38. Sir please send floor plan for ground floor for plot 30×60 (construction area 30×39) with kitchen in front, 3/4 bedroom, 2 bedroom with attached toilet bath, one separate toilet bath common for all other, area of stairs 8.6×1.3 for first floor is to be left.

  39. Dear Sir,
    I have a plot of 7 Marla dimensions 41 feet wide and 55 feet long can u please help me by providing a good map plan of it. all three sides have houses and have only front road which is 20 feet

    Thanking in anticipation.

  40. sir I need a map with few options for following plot.
    corner plot 6.5 marla. front 27 feet back 38feet length 45.
    please give me few maps with 2 bed on ground floor, kitchen, laundry and drawing room.
    area is EME lahore

  41. AOA,
    I have a plot of 7 Marla in Lahore with dimensions of 30×52.5 and interested to build a double story house. Please send me suitable drawing and plan and your contact to discuss further.

  42. I want to build double storey house in 7 marla. Plot size 38×50 foot
    Road side width north South 38 foot
    50 foot lengths East west.
    Road is at the east side of plot.

  43. 30 faceing south x 60 plot. Build up area 900-1000 sqft required. Vastu plan required. Only one floor. One kitchen,one bed room,one hall. Kindly give idea.

  44. Salam.

    I am going to construct a house on 7 marla with 30*60 dimension. it will be double story and separate entrance for both portions.
    Kindly support for layout plan.



  46. Informative article!!!
    Good work brother. Keep on helping people with your knowledge. May Allah bless you.

  47. Sir mera plot 7.5 marlas.
    Measurements are 40 × 50..
    With two master bedrooms with attached baths, 1 bed room, drawing room with attached bath, porch, lawn area, kitchen and spaces spare at back side and at one side.

  48. Dear Sir,

    can you please help me by making a skitch of 37-inch front and 51-inch another side. 12-feet road with the front side.

  49. AOA
    Please draw a map for 30*60 west side with 3 bed room, 1 drawing room and 3 bath
    Thanks and regards

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