Fluid Mechanics & Hyrology

Fluid Mechanics

Fluid mechanics is an undergraduate subject for civil engineers which basically deals with fluids including, liquids, gases and plasmas. Different equations and formulas are there to calculate the discharge, velocity etc of fluids and many other techniques are available which all are discussed under this subject.

Bernoulli’s Apparatus   Venturi meters   Types of orifices with respect to type & Shape
Types of orifices with respect to Edge shape & Nature of discharge  Jet of water  vena contracta  Orifice  
Types of Notches   Venturimeter 1  Venturimeter 2  Hydraulic Coefficients Cc Cv Cd  1
Hydraulic Coefficients Cc Cv Cd 2  Discharge Through Rectangular Notch  Discharge Through Triangular Notch
Center Of Pressure 1   Center Of Pressure 2   Center Of Pressure 3  Metacentric Height  Tube type viscometer 1
Tube type viscometer 2


Hydrology on the other hand is the study of water, its distribution, quality and cycle. It can be subdivided into surface hydrology and marine hydrology. There are different techniques to measure the velocity and discharge of water which are discussed below. The basic hydraulic concepts are also mention below for students to enhance their knowledge.

Current Meter   Current Meter 1  Current Meter 2  Current Meter 3
Current Meter 4  Current Meter 5  Current Meter 6  Current Meter 7
Precipitation By Arithmetic Mean Method, Thiessen Polygon Method , Isohytal Method  With Solved Problems
Rain Guage Station, Criteria for selection of site for rain gauges &  Maintenance
Log Log Graph (Dual Axis Log  Graph)
Rating Curve
Difference Between Stage and Depth

Basic Hydraulic Concepts
• Difference between hydrostatics and hydrodynamics
• Pascal’s Law and its significance
• Advantages and disadvantages of hydraulic fluid power
• Pressure-force-area relationship
• Definitions of work, power, and horsepower
• Basic concept of a fluid power system
• Definitions of input, hydraulic and output horsepower
• Continuity equation
By Myounggyu Noh Dept. Mechatronics Engineering Chungnam National University

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