Computer Programing

 Computer Programing

Computer Programing in civil engineering is a very beneficial subject for undergraduate civil engineers. Q basic is one of the computer program which is usually taught at the beginner level. Some of the solved programs with all the coding are uploaded here for the students to enhance their knowledge.

Computer Programing
Computer Programming Q Basic

Q Basic Programs with Outputs

Prog 1a (For Next Loop)   Prog 1b (Do Until Loop) Prog 1c (If Then Else Loop)   Program 2a (Sorting an array of 20 elements)Prog 2b ( Output of Sorting an array of 20 elements ) Prog 3 (Multiplication of Two Matrices) Prog 4 (Sorting Positive and Negstive Numbers) Prog 5 ( Sorting Even and Odd Numbers) Prog 6a ( Student Grades Preparation)   Prog 6b ( Output of Student Grades Preparation)

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