PPSC Interview Questions Irrigation Department

PPSC Interview Questions Irrigation By Nabeel Khokhar Panel = 1 from irrigation department, 1 from PPSC member, 2 from UET teachers. (Dr. Ashiq Kharal and Engr. Jamal-ur-Rehman)Questions.From PPSC Member1) Where do you live ?2) From where did you do your Continue reading PPSC Interview Questions Irrigation Department

PPSC Irrigation Interview Questions

Some questions asked in the PPSC Irrigation Interview for the post of Sub Divisional Officer, SDO( BPS-17) What is hydraulic jump? Where is it formed? Ans. When flow goes from supercritical to subcritical hydraulic jump is formed. It is used Continue reading PPSC Irrigation Interview Questions

General Interview Questions

Some of the General Interview Questions asked in DESCON What are the most commonly used grades of steel? Ans. Grade 40 and Grade 60 What does Grade 40 mean? Ans. It means yield strength in thousand psi so Grade 40 Continue reading General Interview Questions

New Modern 10 Marla House Design

This beautiful looking modern 10 Marla House has been successfully designed by team Civilengineerspk. The 6 bed room modern house is designed for Mr. Waqar as per his requirements and is going to be built in Islamabad, Pakistan. Satisfaction rate Continue reading New Modern 10 Marla House Design