Civil Engineering Experiments

civil engineering experiments

civil engineering experiments, A compilation of many civil engineering laboratory and site tests which are performed when required. These tests are used widely and are have a lot of importance in daily life. Many of the undergraduate civil engineers are taught in universities how to perform these tests so that when they get out in the field where they have to supervise the tests or sometimes perform them, they should be able to perform them without any kind of error. civil engineering experiments. These tests are very much a part of every project for example whenever a new batch of concrete is casted, cylinders and cubes are casted in order to check the concrete strength. Similarly when subgrade is compacted, Field Density Test commonly called as FDT is carried out in order to check the percentage of compaction of the subgrade weather it has reached to its optimum compaction or not. Here are many of the civil engineering tests and experiments arranged subject wise with their ASTM code for the students to know their procedure and how to perform a certain test. All of these are freely online available. Thanks civil engineering experiments

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Geo-Technical Engineering Experiments

Hydraulic Engineering Experiments

Plain & Reinforced Concrete Experiments

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