Concrete Mix Design

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Concrete Mix Design

Concrete Mix design is a design procedure for making concrete of a desired strengthworkability and durability. A mix design should also be economical. So now there are four factors which should be considered before designing a concrete mix. In order to achieve a certain strength we will have to decide what type of aggregates should be used and how much in quantity. Similarly how much water should be added in order to have an appropriate workability and the desired strength as well. A Mix Design includes some of the values which we have to determine by performing tests on aggregates which are as follows. Mix Design online Free

  1. Fineness Modulus (Click here to see the test procedure)
  2. Specific Gravity and Water Absorption (Click here to see the test procedure)
  3. Bulk Density (Click here to see the test procedure)

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  1. Asalam Alaikum Dear,

    Thank you for this wonderful website. I am basically a Chartered Accountant and have no working knowledge of Structural/Civil Engineering. Now when I browse through your website, structural engineering (up to the extent of a house and a plaza, and not a high rise tower) seems very interesting and fun. However, as I read through, so many questions arise in my mind. For example, is it possible to have a different structure of first floor than the ground floor ? How to calculate concrete requirement for slab (or lenter, I guess its the same thing but as you know in Pak we use traditional thakaydaar terminology)? Load bearing capacity calculations of floors etc etc Do you suggest any book or any short course for non-engineers as such ? Thank you for your cooperation and keep up the good and interesting work. Have a blessed day !

    • Thank you for your appreciation. Yes one can have a different first floor then ground floor it will require proper structure designing. Thekydaar cannot design it. Concrete requirement length width depth is designed by the civil engineers according to load and purpose of building. There are a few books but in order to understand it you will have to learn it properly.

  2. AoA,

    the online concrete mix link is not working….
    am i the only one who is having this issue?
    P.S. admin v=can you please help me out ?