Construction Management Planning

Construction Management Planning

Construction Management and Planning is a subject taught to undergraduate civil engineers. Construction Management planning includes control of a project from beginning to completion including. A construction Manager and Project Manager has to perform these responsibilities of constructoin management and planning. Overall cost of a structure is highly affected if it is delayed so a proper management and planning is required in order to get it completed in time and under budget. Following are some of the tutorials and technical reports in order to have an idea about Microsoft office Word and Microsoft office Excel basics and how to write a technical report and how does a technical report looks like. When you will download the technical reports you will be able to see a complete technical report made with all necessary things required.

Construction Management Planning

Microsoft Word & Excel    Microsoft Word & Excel 1   Microsoft Word & Excel 2   Microsoft Word & Excel 3
A Technical Report on Road Construction
Price escalation from 2006 to 2009 as per Fidic contract
Technical Report Writing Curing of Concrete
The Role of Construction Industry in Economic Growth of Pakistan 1 
The Role of Construction Industry in Economic Growth of Pakistan 2
The Role of Construction Industry in Economic Growth of Pakistan 3
What is a Work Breakdown Structure

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