10 Marla House Plans

10 Marla House Plans. “Marla” is a traditional unit of area that was used in Pakistan, India,and Bangladesh. The marla was standardized under British rule to be equal to the square rod, or 272.25 square feet, 30.25 square yards, or 25.2929 square metres. As such, it was exactly one 160th of an acre. Read More Here

In Rural Areas of Pakistan like villages 1 Marla = 272 square feet whereas in urban areas it is 225 Square feet.

Following are some Ten Marla House Plans including first floor and second floor. These are for you to have an idea about the kind of plan you want to make or choose any plan like these for your own house or for someone else. These 10 Marla House Planz help viewers to choose from a variety of different house plans in order to make a perfect house for themselves. We keep adding more 10 marla house plans with time. so keep visiting this website.

12 Marla House in Azad Kashmir

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10 Marla House in Toba Tek Singh

10 Marla House Design in Toba tek Singh

10 Marla Beautiful House

10 Marla Beautiful House

New 10 Marla Duplex House Plan

10 Marla Duplex House Plan

New 10 Marla Modern House Design

New Modern 10 Marla House Design

10 Marla Duplex House Design

10 Marla Duplex House

10 Marla House Three storeys

10 Marla House Three storeys

10 Marla House Design with 3D View

10 Marla House Design

New 10 Marla House Plan

New 10 Marla House Design

10 Marla

Double storey 10 Marla Luxury Plus with ground floor and first floor
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10 Marla House Plans

10.5 Marla House Plan

10.5 Marla

10 Marla Crystal


TWIN F copy

12 Marla House Design

New 12 Marla House Design

8-10 Marla House Plans Ground Floor and First Floor
8 Marla House Plans Ground Floor and First Floor

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Following are some Ten Marla House Plans including first floor and second floor. These are for you to have an idea about the kind of plan you want to make or choose any plan like these for your own house or for someone else. These Ten Marla House Plans help viewers to choose from a variety of different house plans in order to make a perfect house for themselves. We keep adding more ten marla house plans with time. so keep visiting this website.

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  1. I have a land for my home… area is 50 feet is front and 40 feet is depth please design a beautiful 3 bedroom home plan for me….

  2. I have a land for my home… area is 50 feet is front and 40 feet is depth please design a beautiful 4 bedroom home plan for me….

  3. kindly send me six thoughts of layout plan for five bed (2 bed on ground and 3 bed on first floor) for 10 marla

  4. kindly send a design for 10 marla with home plan 5 bedroom consisting with a little lawn and garage ..please kindly send me

  5. required map of 10 marla house measurement 40 *70 B east open
    maximum lawn and minimum covered are

  6. I need a design & plan for 3 bed plus one guest room home on a plot of 60 front and 50 depth.

    Looking forward

  7. i have a land 40 feet wide and 95 feet long. if u can kindly send me some beautiful plans with minimum 3 beds, on kitchen and one drawing.

  8. Area is 40 X 95.
    need minimum 3 bed rooms, one guest room and a kitchen

  9. I have a corner plot 45′ X 50′. I like to build two bed room with attached baths, drawing dinging, TV lounge , kitchen. What you will charge for designing a plan?

  10. I have a plot 50×90 but want to construct only 12 Marla house in it with 4 bed + servant room. Remaining for lounge. Pls advise how much will be covering area n plan

  11. Kindly send a house plan of 10 marla with 43×64 corner plot two story.

  12. I have a plot size 10 feet wide nd 35 feet long we need ground floor nice designe I need 2 bed room nd 1 kitchne 1 bathroom in grond floor nd same as second floor plz advice Ihow constrcut

  13. if we have 45″ by 50″ plot in which 45″ is front in canal cutting then what is your suggestion .

  14. Sir! I have 41.8x 72 (10 marla) plot. Plz send single and double story maps

  15. I have 13 marla plot ..plot front is 37 and length is 85 so is it possible to to make good house and can u send us map ?

  16. Salaam sit.
    I want to upgrade my house which is based on single story village house made with bricks and the roof is T iron and tiles.
    So i want to change the roof with RCC and and to upgrade it.
    Thats why i need a professional person who made a complete detailed plan for my house.
    I will provide you all the neccessary inputs on demand.
    You can contact me on whats imo and fb messenger also.

    I am grom Rahim Yar khan Punjab Pakistan. But this time in abu dhabi.
    Plz contact me as soon as possible.

  17. 10 marla corner in cda sector islamabad ( 35’x70′)
    send me some plans to build house

  18. Dear sir 10marla singla story ma ktni money chah.aur plaz desin be batya plaz thnaks

  19. Dear Sir
    AoA Your guidance for 10 M size(34*67) double story Map required….
    On Ground Floor requirment is as
    1 Master Bed with Bath dressing
    1 Guest Bed with Bath with dressing
    Porch for two parrallel cars
    Backside Courtyard etc
    While on First Floor
    3 Beds with baths & dressings
    Servant Quarter etc


    Imran Afzal Basra

  20. i need your help to construct my home plan in which i want maximum area open to sky and minimum covered area
    plot size
    front 46′ rare side 40′ length east side 62.5′ and west side 65.5′
    front side located main road

  21. Dear concerned,
    I need a house map & plan for 3 bed 1 tv lounch kitchen and guest room on a ground floor.
    Plot size
    Length 80 & 75
    Width 47 & 44
    Best Regards,
    Waqar khan

  22. Dear we need a map.where 2 bed,lounge,powder room,dinning drawing,kitchen store in ground floor
    Rest of 2_ bed kitchen lounge as well in first floor.
    Plz send me a plan

  23. pls send me 10 marla house plan having 2 bedrooms atleast and drawin dinning on ground floor with area of 35′ front with 75′ depth.

  24. Please send me map of 10 marla house of 2 bed , store, 2 cars gurage and 3 bedroom on first flour of measurement 34.5″ front and 74″ length

  25. Dear Civil Eng,

    I have a plot in Paragon dimensions are 3.8*67 10 Marla plot west open and main gate at right can u please provide any sample map with 2 bed at ground and 2 at 1st floor map and the price for approving the map from socity and TMA

  26. Sir I need ground house plane size of a corner plot size 55.5 ft(north) by 54.5 ft (west). If I have to pay then how much I pay. Plz reply

  27. sir ap ke wep tho aj my ny chk ke hy bahot achi lagi.mery ly 20 marly ka mape bej dain ovr taqrebn ketna kharcha ayga, my maheny bad ghar bana raha hon.
    Regard..zia marwat lakki marwat

  28. I have corner plat front 35f . side 75f front side 20f street and one side 6f street . please make map for me 5 bed room double story full luxury Home.
    I shell be very thankfull to you.

  29. AoA, can u please design a house plan on my plot measuring front 45 feet x 100 feet leaving front lawn area at least 22 feet depth and covered area of two storey building to be not more than 4000 sq ft. two plans be made of 4x beds and 5x beds. thanks. waiting for ur reply.

  30. Please any one can design a map for my house
    Detail.57 feet length one side
    68.4 inch another side
    46 feet width
    47 another side

  31. How much is the cost for designing of 40Ft X 50Ft Plot. What is included in it? How long it will take to deliver the design?

  32. Sir kindly guide me about the map of 1kanal plot 50×100 i want to make 10 marla two portions with front of 50.

  33. Plz share me map of 11 Marla
    Area is
    front 40
    back 42
    right side 65
    left side 80

  34. kindly send a design for 10 30 by 90 marla with home plan 2 bedroom consisting with a little lawn and and 2 cars parking ..please kindly send me

  35. I like ur plan. I have plot 35 × 70. I need house plan plz email me if possible. .Thanks

  36. aoa sir mara plot ka size 52×52 hay corner plot . please have any map for double story . ap k mehrbani ho ge

  37. i want 10 marla house plan 35 x 65.two beds on GF three or four on 1st floor.including store

      • Salam..bhi jan..main ne house banana hy.e16 islam abad me…size 35*70 hy..main 3 bed room with attach bath rooms.drowng room ..kitchrn.tv lounj..porch…single story….kitni cost aye gi and design kaisa ho…

  38. Sir
    I need 3 bedroom and kitchen and bathroom ,tarris and one guest room my plot size is 35*42 facing north

  39. Looking for a house plan for 10 Marla 37*75
    Ground floor two bed room
    First floor two bed room
    Road 17 feet
    Please guide

  40. Hi sir,i m from north india,i need your help in choosing a plot size for my house.i have seen two plots of different sizes i.e
    1) 66 feet front and 54 feet depth
    2) 50 feet front and 71 feet depth

    Sir,i m very much confuse in choosing a perfect plot size.plz help me which one is best size to make a modern house.
    Thanks .wait for your reply

  41. Dear Sir,
    We Have A plot having 41 feet front & 65.3 feet depth kindly send us a drawing and cost of single story.
    we want:
    1) 5 bed rooms.
    2) car porch with capacity of two cars.
    3) kitchen.
    4) up stairs
    5) some space for plants.
    6) veranda in front of rooms

  42. Hi There,
    I have a plot 240 SYQ. 36 feet from front and 60 feet depth.
    Kindly send me a plan as requested below:
    1) 6 B-Rooms with Attached Baths (3GF + 3FF)
    2) 1 Common Bathroom on each floor.
    3) Single Car Porch Parking Area
    4) Upstairs (first floor) area from inside and should be separated entrances from side passage(galey) & from inside
    5) Require back side & front passage (galey)

  43. Hello sir,
    my house is under construction. I could not follow a single front elevation and now my house front elevation is not looks good. I want you suggestions in it.
    If you give me some advice it will be very appreciative . I will send you the pictures on civilengineerspk@gmail.com.
    Thanks a lot.

  44. Dear SIR,
    Aslamo alokoum .i want to make my house corner plot 52×52 double story .howmuch i have to pay for niqshaa ??

  45. we want the plane of 17 merla size is 55*84 55feets is front and we also want a lone in the house

  46. Asalam o alikum,
    Dear sir, I have 10 marla Conner plat (2450 SFT) both side are roads of this plat, 1 side main road 40ft and other side 20ft road is there. I want map with both side gate porch for car parking. please share it thanks.

  47. I need a floor plan and finished house from outside. following is the plot size,

    46 x 32

  48. can i get steel kit house for a holiday retreat (hut style in mountains) with mezzanine floor with sky lights in Pakistan?
    if not, have you designed a Stone House Loft Style?

  49. yes i already have land but i am not planning to construct a hotel rather an open plan hut with stone which i can source from my own land – can you plz answer my enquiry now?

  50. In Karachi inside society boundary wall 400 square yards plot 45′ x 80′
    I want to build only ground floor I want this requirements so I made a map but I am not a professional I prepared this map as per my requirements, please check it review it if any mistake you found please guide me.
    My site plan I already mail you please see it.
    I will be very thankful to you,
    Sohail Ahmed

  51. Sir I have 10 marla plot with 36.06 feet width and 75.44 feet length…I want basement,ground floor and 1st floor…what will be the map of this kind of plot…thanks….

  52. i need double story house plan for my plot having
    front south 39′
    rear north 38′
    east, west 40′

  53. Hi there i have a plot and i want a design for that the size is approximately 37ft front and 61ft deep could you please design a basic plan for that then further we will modify later thanks

  54. Dear sir,
    i have a plot which size is 25×90 so could you send me map according to my plot size (25×90)
    i will be very thankful to you.

  55. Hi there, i have a plot and i want a design for that, the size is approximately 9 ft front and 20 ft deep could you please design a basic plan for that, then further we will modify later thanks. but there is a problem because i want to have a shop at the front of the design at least 6.5 feet rest area can be cover by a room + stair case + bathroom only. kitchen not required.

  56. I want to construct double story house in CBR ECHS Islamabad.Plot size is 40 ft * 80 ft.I want 3 beds ,D/D,Kitchen,tv lounge at both floors.House shall be ventilated and comfortable.

  57. Assalam o alikum
    Sir mera portion ka size 15 feet width aur 60 feet depth ha asal maen yah plot 200 guz per ha front 30 aur depth 60 aur hum is ka ander 2 portion banana chahta han ju 15 front aur 60 depth k sath ban sakta han ground plus 2 plus paint house please is maen kuch acha sa design bana kar den

  58. hello sir i have one 10 marla plote and i need mape
    front 47
    back 56
    one side 53
    and one side 48

  59. sir we have a 10 marla plot of domension
    front 51
    back 41.9
    left side 51.4
    right side 50.8
    kindly we want to construct a two floor house…… and need a map….

  60. Sir I have 10 marla plot with 34.6 feet width and 65 feet length…I want
    1) basement for car n bikes parking
    2) first floor for house including 3 bed room, 1 drawing room, 1 store room,
    1 kitchen, 3 bathrooms, 1 tv lounge.
    3) 2nd n 3rd floor for school having atleast 6 class rooms of area 350 sq. Feet each, 1 class room of area 500 sq. Feet, 2 offices of area 144 sq. Feet each, 3 bathrooms.
    Plz map this plot according to requirements. Thanks.

  61. Sir i want a map for 10 marla house. 40×60 ft
    I need 2 garages.. Staur case in 1 garrage
    On ground floor 2 bed rooms.. 1 drawing room. 1 lounge. 1 lawn.. 2 bath rooms

  62. sir muji apka 10 marla home plan passnd aya han kiya ap uska complete look dekha sakty han plzz

      • Respected Sir,
        I have 10 marla plot. Kindly help me to custom design according to the following requirements:
        1) 1 combined Drawing room and Dinning room.
        2) 1 master bedroom with wardrobe and attach washroom and 3 bedrooms with wardrobe and attach washroom.
        3) 1 Kitchen beside Drawing room.
        4) A Living room.
        5) Terrace should be out of house building.
        Kindly send it as soon as possible.

  63. Kindly help me to built a 10 marla house (Plot next to corner) in formanites housing society, kamahan road lahore

  64. Seriously u guys doin amazing job. Question – i have 10 marla CORNER plot, can i make 6 bedrooms house.
    – 3 bedrooms on ground.floor.
    Drawing and tv.lounge can be combine but just a divider in between.
    – and 1st floor will be similar to ground floor. If yes can u pls make me a plan. Will really appreciate that.

  65. Hi Team,

    Could you please give me suggestion for 10 Marla plot. I need to make 3 bed rooms, 1 children room & store on ground floor. I will prefer a custom design purchase if you can adjust all of my ideas.

    Thanks and regards.

  66. Can you send me a house map for 50×50 plot.. we are just 3 family memebers and we donot want to put it on rent. So kindly send me a a housemap of 50×50 plot

  67. Assalamualaikum
    Will you be kind enough to PL send me 40×70 feet (40 front)house plan.The front gate would be on right side.I want a guest bed in addition to 2 beds on ground floor.The stairs must be so that the first floor can be treated as independent unit in case of need.
    Pl also inform about the fee for premium design.
    Muhammad Arif Karim

  68. sir muje 11.5 marla pe 5 bed room kitchen tv loung porch drawing room ka map chahiye plz

  69. hello
    please confirm the width of 10 Marla house foundation, and also confirm the material used with ratio i mean Cement :Sand :Concrete complete detail

  70. sir i am having plot of 29.6*75.5 sq feet and want to construct ground floor only now kindly suggest some floor plan

  71. Sir ap mujhe 12 mrla house & plan bana dey
    Plot size 47×71 hai
    5 bad rooms with atach bath
    1 drawing room with atack bath
    1 Kitchen
    1 main bath (separate)
    1 main gusal khana (separate)
    1 Tv launch
    Car Geraj and lawn (2 mrla )

  72. maps of 35×70 ft is required according to CDA requirements.an early response will be highly appreciated.

  73. Plz send the house plan on 10 marla … Plot size 45 feet length 60 feet worth ….. sooo plz send the beautiful house plan

  74. Respectad,
    I am Arif Asim, from Iqbal Town Lahore, Pakistan
    I would like to build 10 marla house with bastiment, Ground and first floor,
    plot size 65×35. east Face 60 feet road.
    could you please send floor mape with total expensive.
    grey stareture and finished.

    Arif Asim

  75. Hello i need house plan for 15 Marla single story. The house dimensions are 70 feet x 57 feet.Please help me

  76. Sir

    I need plan for 40 x 90 double story. ground floor to 1st floor everything splits into 2 houses. Can you please help me into this.


  77. The right to private property meant at the same time the right and duty to be personally concerned about your own well-being, to be personally concerned about your family’s income, to be personally concerned about your future. This is hard work.

  78. AOA sir
    25×90 3bedrooms map ground floor possible !
    My plot size 25×90 size ka ha road front 25 feet
    Ab banana ha is ko

  79. Sir I want some front view design for my house
    Plot size 40ft x 80ft
    Front in 40 ft

  80. i have 14*32 plot kindly tell me the plan ground flor and 1st floor means double story plan plz share…14 foot front AND 32 LINGTH

  81. Dear Respected Team

    i have 10 marla plot in my northern area , i mentioned some graph according to my knowledge and request to you please help to graph map or 2D structure ,

    length of plot is 70 meter and width is 35meter ,
    due to the street level of plot is down from the road , i means little down from front side is 4 meter height and back side 13 meter , so i want distribute these plot into 5/5 marla .
    i means from back side i want build basent with 2 rooms 1 store and 1 littel tv lunch , than on ground flour i have pending 10 marla with attach of main road street ,

    so dear can you build for me better and new design structure idea .

    ground floor i need 3 room 1kichen 1tv lunch and 1 main big hall car parking , ( lawan front and back little ).
    better send me in my mail

    please i shall be very thanks to your team from this act of kindness.

    regards Aneemfaris

  82. Hi There,

    Can you please share a 45×60 house plan with full basement, plot is 7 feet below road level

  83. need a design for a 22.5 by 100 feet 10 marla plot in a rectangular shape