Road Estimation Approaches

Road Estimation Approaches For the calculation of earthwork in roads longitudinal section and cross-section of the ground are taken and the formation line is fixed. The formation line is fixed in consideration of floods, gradient, height of bank, depth of Continue reading Road Estimation Approaches

Construction Activities with units

Construction Activities with units (Engr. Ubaid Ahmad Mughal) Construction Activities with units, Earth work:- Earth work in excavation and earth work in back filling are usually taken out separately under different items, and quantities are calculated in cum. Foundation trenches (Trenches Continue reading Construction Activities with units

Estimation, Types of Estimates

Estimation, Types of Estimates Estimation, Types of Estimates             For all engineering works it is required to know beforehand the probable cost of construction known as estimated cost. If the estimated cost is greater than the money available then attempts Continue reading Estimation, Types of Estimates

Calculation of Heat of Hydration

Calculations Heat of Solution of Dry Cement—Calculate the corrected temperature rise as described above. Also, correct the heat of solution value if the final calorimeter temperature of the heat of solution test is different from the temperature of the calorimetric Continue reading Calculation of Heat of Hydration

Calculate Heat of Hydration

Calculate Heat of Hydration Heat of Hydration Heat evolved by chemical reactions with water, such as that evolved during the setting and hardening of Portland cement, or the difference between the heat of solution of dry cement and that of Continue reading Calculate Heat of Hydration