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This Page cover all those things which are a part of practical life including civil engineering practical informations and civil engineering practical works. Here students and engineers can get an idea about the field works and other modern information. Civil Engineering practical information is very beneficial for undergraduate civil engineers as physical knowledge clear concepts more clearly than theoretical formulas. We have collected some of the images related to construction sites and have shared here for you people to have an idea about the actual stuff. People are welcome to share their pictures of site at contact us page. We will share your images with your names so that everyone could get benefit from your experience. Thanks and Enjoy the stuff.

Building Inspection Checklist 

This Inspection Checklist comprises of set of information required for a structural inspection and thus can be renamed as “Structural Inspection Checklist”. It includes all those things which are required for inspecting any building or structure.(Click Here to see the Checklist)


Foundation Possibilities

Following image shows the sub soil conditions with the most suitable foundation possibilities in tabular format making it user friendly for the engineers to select the type of foundation according to the soil conditions.Foundation Posibilities

Amana Mall Model Town Link Road Lahore
Design of Anchors




DSC07365 DSC07396 DSC07401 DSC07430 DSC07431 DSC07433 DSC07434 DSC07435 DSC07483 DSC07484 DSC07528 DSC07530

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Collapse of 13 Storey Building in China

Collapse in China-2

Collapse in China

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Worlds Tallest Buildings Comparison



Bubble City


Reinforced Concrete Building Elements


 Solar Housesolar_house

 Construction of Hyperstar Mall, Karachi

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Civil Engineering Practical Info

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