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Civil softwares

 Civil Softwares

There are many Civil softwares available which are used for designing different civil engineering structures and elements. Many of the softwares are shared here but a membership may be required to download them. These softwares are used worldwide by different engineers. Software outputs are then compared or verified with manual work and if there is any different then changings could be done where required. One of the best advantage of using these softwares is that they save a lot of time as compared to manual work and revisions can be made in a very small interval of time hence making it possible to complete many daily tasks plus civil engineering drawings which in the past were drafted using pencils and sheets. In those times if an engineer wanted to transfer some drawings from one place to another then he had to carry the bundles by hand but now he just have to copy a folder in his USB and he can have as many drawings as he wants in his pocket. So here’s another advantage of using civil engineering softwares. Here are some of the softwares which are beneficial to you. If you require some other software please feel free to contact us so that we may try to provide it for everyone. Thanks Civil softwares

Civil Engineering Softwares

  1. MD Solids v 3.5
  2. Geo Studio2007
  3. Settle 3D
  4. HEC-RAS
  5. EPA.NET 2
  6. Unit Convertor 2.3
  7. ETABS 9.7
  8. ETABS 2015 64Bit 32 Bit with keygen
  9. ETABS 18 with Keygen
  10. Pdf to Word Version 3.0
  11. SAP2000 Version 14 
  12. SAFE  v12
  13. BeamCAD
  14. Usb Show
  15. AutoCAD 2010 64 Bit
  16. AutoCAD 2014 64 Bit
  17. PDF Password Remover
  18. Oracle Primavera P6
  19. Bentley STAAD Pro 2007
  20. Matlab 2013a
  21. Google Sketchup Pro
  22. Flow Advisor
  23. Microsoft Project 2007
  24. Abaqus 6.10
  25. Bluebeam PDF Revu Extreme 11.0
  26. Plaxis Professional v 8.2
  27. GPA Calculator ( Free Software by Jawad Ghafoor )
  28. Graph Plotter ( Free Software by Jawad Ghafoor )
  29. Masterseries 2009 with crack
  30. CSC Orion Multi key Crack
  31. Phase2 version 8 with crack
  32. WaterGEMS with Crack
  33. Graphical Rapid Analysis of Structures Program (GRASP)
  34. Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) version 16
  35. Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) version 20
  36. Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) version 23
  37. ANSYS 15 With Crack
  38. ArcGIS 10.3 with Crack
  39. Tekla Structures 21 Cracked

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212 Replies to “Softwares”

  1. favor indicar como instalar el software GEO STUDIO 2007 . ara un windows 7.
    NO he podido instalar .

  2. LIcence file for etabs??? the error is
    Standard licence not found #17
    network licence is not found(no licence server is running)

  3. thank you so much for sharing to us these useful sofwares that enhance our work ,especily in designing.

  4. I have downloaded all 16 parts of AutaCAD 2010 but its not working…
    When i extracted the Winrar file it shows that the file is corrupt..
    Kindly assist me so that i am able to install the AutoCAD 2010..
    Waiting for your reply..

    • I just checked it. I clicked on the 1st part then after extraction i opened the folder and clicked on
      AutoCAD_2010_English_MLD_Win_64bit.exe file then again extraction starts after second extraction u will install it. its working here. must b some problem at ur end

  5. Can i have this software please 1. Corel Draw,
    2. Visual Basics, 3. solidworks……………………..thanks

  6. Can i have this software please 1. Corel Draw,
    2. Visual Basics, 3. solidworks……………………..thanks

  7. I have installed ETAB it shows Error #17 Network license not found..Plz help me what i will i do…?

  8. i need an industrial building plan for my project,can some one provide me?????
    its urgent

  9. i need help.
    sap2000 is not working. when I patch it tells me 0 lines written and not patched. Any guidance?

  10. Can yuo please provide the installation of Etab in addition to the crack you have provided?

  11. update your page regarding free download engineering softwares thanks i need another free download

  12. Hello,
    Do you have some documents related to Prestressed Concrete design and Reinforced concrete design solving by Mathcad?
    If you have any kinds of them, could you please give them to me?

    Thanks for your helps.

  13. Hello Sir
    In E TAB stand alone license not found plz help this to resolve the error

  14. Thanks. But is it possible to get the professional or ultimate license for CSC ORION v18 SP3?

  15. Dear All,

    I am from IT Background, Education is
    F.Sc.(Pre-Eng) –> 1996
    B.Com. (2years) –> 1998
    IT Diploma (1Year) –> 2001
    MCS (Non-HEC Recognized) –> 2001-03
    2004 – 2009 –> UK student visa + Residance Permit Limited leave to remain

    Work Experience:
    Working since 1998 on different roles like:
    Accounts Assistant in a hospital
    Junior Oracle Programmer NADRA Project
    EDP Department –> Pak-AIMS

    if i want to switch now towards civil engineering due to my interest (Yes i am late i know), then what is your suggestions about it , I need to do DAE
    or BS Technology (Civil).

    Please give idea i am interested to make my career in this domain.

    Kind Regards,

    Abdul Ghaffar


  17. hi can anyone help installing staad 2007 but always “application Bentley/IEG License Service needs to be installed”..i already install BentleyIEGLicenseService.2.0.7 what will I do??

  18. hi,
    do you have etabs the latest version??can you please give me a copy if you have..

    many thanks,

  19. helow,

    the etabs i downloaded is not working always standalone error 17 appearing. i already paste the Iservrc but still not working..


  20. Anyone please assist with CSCC MASTERSERIES 2013 structural analysis and design program.

  21. Anyone having password of CSC STRUDS V11 (LATEST NOVEMBER RELEASE) [NO CRACK].Zip downloaded from forum. unable to open it or Patch file for CSC.Struds.v12.Standard all to activate it thanks in advance…Hesgnar

  22. can any one tell me how to crack struds v12. i have patch file but i don’t know where i paste it.

  23. Sir, I have ETABS 2013 VERSION, after installing I perfectly do all procedure for crack ETABS 2013V but while opening this software a window shown that STANDALONE LICENCE not found will u help me ….about this

  24. sir please I need orion csc version 18 ACTIVATION CODE OR CRACK. GOD BLESS YOU.

    • orion csc version 18 ACTIVATION CODE someone share here we will upload it for everyone

  25. DURING AUTOCAD 2010 INSTALLATION WHEN I RUN THE “AAC2010_Keygen-64bits keygen “AND CLICK ON “Mem Patch”

    • right click on the patch file and select “Run as administrator” then patch
      I hope it will solve your problem

    • if U have windows 7 then right click on patch file and set administrator as windows xp (service pack 2) and set run as administrator in below box. apply then ok.

      and try

  26. how to download geo studio?? it takes me to google drive page and says ‘request access’

  27. please i need orion v17 / v18 32 bit with crak or code.. i badly need it for job.. thanks 🙂

  28. Hi,

    Can somebody post product activation key of CSC Orion on this page. We want to use this program, please man, please!

  29. Csc orion requiring activation code. I don’t have one. Please how do I get it? Thanks

    • do u have winzip software ? first extract all 16 parts into your computer then install AUTOCAD

  30. SIir,there are 16 parts of autocad.should i install all thses or only one part?????????????

  31. Hello!
    Good day!

    I have a new project and they ask me to use precast frame. I don’t have any idea which software I’m going to use. I’m using ETABS but I don’t know if the same parameters will be use just like conventional frame.

    Any advice if what software is good and please give me examples of modeled precast frame. Here’s my email add.

    Thank you in advance.

    • Masterseries 2009 and its crack available but a membership is required for that

  32. Please sir help me with orion 18 product activation key and how can I be a member of this forum please

  33. Sir,
    Can you upload the Sketch-up 2013 Video tutorials, user manual, tutorials with exercise.

  34. I need a formula or any file to calculate house construction material like costing and budgeting if hav how can i access ths

  35. Aoa, sir , i need a construction material calculation software, im layman, i wantto build my house, before i go to and builders i want to make my homework, pls give me spreadsheet or any software.

  36. Sir
    I have downloaded etab 2013 after installation and doing the activation procedure as shown in youtube video,but still when i click on the program it gives me the error of not finding standalone license what should i doo for this

  37. Good evening sir
    I have completed in civil engineer recently.Which software is better to learn for bright future.

      • I have little bit confusion about that which field is better for civil eng construction R design..?
        I have interested in design field .is it better for me .pls give me suggestion nd which software is better for interior design..

        • It depends on your interest. If u like design then go if not then dont Simple

  38. I became member of this website yesterday. I am looking for Road calc along with Eagle point and some other road design software. i don’t find any of them in the already uploaded ones. can u upload any of them.?

  39. Hellow admin.
    I have wonderful collection of civil and structural engg softwares. How can I share this on them on this forum to benfit all engineers.


  40. Can anyone tell me which is the best software for analysing or checking foundation & building stability of a simple one storey or 2 storey building…??

  41. AOA. Sir how can I get membership ?
    And city and guilds in Civil engineering (post graduate diploma level 7) is acceptable in Pakistan? Is it equivalent to the Msc engineering?

  42. midas software is not working properly even after asks for key and doesnt find it any where.please guide