Civil Engineering Design

Civil Engineering Design

Some of the Civil Engineering Design are shared here online free for the students to get a lot of what they desire. Design of civil structures in the most important work for a civil engineer because it is what they are known for. Civil engineers who perform the designing of all structures and many other things are called design engineers and they sit in head offices or main offices of the company they work for. Civil Engineering Design. Often visit sites as well only when required but they have to follow all codes in order to design a safe and economical structure. There are many softwares available which are used for designing different civil engineering structures and elements. Many of the softwares are shared here on our site under the page of softwares but a membership may require to download them. These softwares are used worldwide by different engineers. Software outputs are then compared or verified with manual work and if there is any different then changings could be done where required.Civil Engineering Design. One of the best advantage of using these softwares is that they save a lot of time as compared to manual work and revisions can be made in a very small interval of time hence making it possible to complete many daily tasks. Civil Engineering Design

Analysis and Designing of Slabs “One Way”

Designing of Sewer System

Two Way Edge Supported Slabs

Water Supply Designing

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  1. i am civil engineer, i in trusted in design the civil engineering.

  2. I need executive layout drawing of 5 marla plot for double storey.. dimension 27* 52
    No corner…
    How much will be ur charges ???

  3. Hi

    Please let me know how much cost 14 mala home design need new style same like Bharia two or other

    Location in Renalakhdr

  4. Sir I want to design a overhead tank. Have you any old design sheet in excel file, if yes please share me.

    • You can search for it in the search bar. Data Available on this site it for members only.

  5. What is estimated cost of build 5 Marla plot???? With 2 bed 1 drawing 1 bath 1 kitchen TV loung on ground flour and 2 bed 1 Kitchen 1 bath on first four and 1 guest room and with 1 porch on ground as well

  6. Sir I want to make my home ,ara is 10 Marla in Square shape . I want to make 3 bed rooms one guest rrom one kitchen one laounch and a beautiful Lawn …. Plz send me beautiful structure or map ….plz hurry

  7. Asslamoalakum, I want to design my house. Can you help me and what is your demand?