How to give a Good Presentation ( Presenting your Presentation )


Civil Engineering Presentations. Following are some of the presentations related to civil engineering. These are added for the students to get an idea of how presentations are made and ready made presentations may provide some other idea of presentation, link, appearance, data arrangement, color combination, font size adjustment and many other similar important points which students don’t know initially.

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  1. Dewatering
  2. Liquefaction And Its Remedial Measures
  3. Expansive Soils
  4. Piled Raft Foundations
  5. Compaction of Soil By Vibro Floation
  6. Differential Settlement
  7. Bridge Presentation
  8. Geo-technical Investigation for shallow foundations
  9. Foundations on Collapsible Soils   Alternate Link (MediaFire)
  10. Foundations on Frozen Soils
  11. Frost Protected Shallow Foundations
  12. Application of Geo-synthetics In Soil Improvement 
  13. Geo-technical Investigation Report and a Case Study
  14. Ground Freezing
  15. Ground Improvement by Vitrification and Electro-osmosis
  16. Sheet Piles
  17. Plate Load Test on Soils
  18. Anchor Systems
  19. Problematic Soils and Remedies
  20. Role & Future of Women in Civil Engineering
  21. Role of Geo-Technical Investigation in Foundation Design
  22. Shoring and Underpinning
  23. Building Construction on sanitary landfills
  24. Caissons
  25. Different Problems in Foundation
  26. Driven Piles
  27. Durability and Protection of Foundations
  28. Presentation on Cold Formed Sections
  29. Hot Weather concreting 1
  30. Hot weather concreting 2
  31. Non Destructive Testing (NDT) Guidelines
  32. Non Destructive Testing (NDT) 2
  33. Non Destructive Testing (NDT) 3
  34. Applied Element Method (AEM) 1 A new efficient method for non linear large deformations & collapse analysis of structures.
  35. Applied Element Method (AEM) 2  A new efficient method for non linear large deformations & collapse analysis of structures.
  36. Pile Integrity test by Sonic Echo Method
  37. Effect of Geometric Shape On Pile Capacity
  38. Energy Piles
  39. UNDERPINNING & Shoring
  40. Fundamentals of Wood Design and Engineering

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