Poster Presentation 2009-2013

Poster Presentation 2009-2013

Poster Presentations of students Session 2009-2013

Poster Presentation of students in final year at university of engineering and technology. These are the posters representing their final year projects. It is a representation of their work in form of posters. It also helps other students to have an idea about the poster presentation and layout of posters etc. Poster presentation throughout the world is recommended. Usually a separate room is fixed for the poster presentation of every session where different students and teachers come and see the work of group pf students. The best poster gets 1st position followed by 2nd and third. In this way all the students get an idea about the research of other students and the teachers may ask some questions from the group leader i.e explain about the project or the work you have done. Following are some of the posters for you.

 Construction Safety in Pakistan Procedures,Problems & Recommendations

Poster Presentation 2009-2013

Design Comparison of Long Span Roofing System


Effect of Superplasticizer on Early Properties of Concrete


Performance Study of Premix Asphalt Mixed With Waste Plastic Bags

PowerPoint Presentation

Development of Domestic Hydro-power Plant


 Numerical Simulation of Concrete Filled Steel Box Composite Structure


Relative Density & Relative Compaction of Granular Soil

New Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation


Pre-Bored Pressure meter Testing & Data Analysis

CIV Poster

Session 2009-2013