Civilengineerspk Membership

Membership Cost =  Rs 4.11 per day only.
PKR 1500/- and $20 for International Members per year. Special 20% Discount for Students (Not doing any job). Student ID card is required for that .Special Discount to Group of Students and class

Membership Fee can be deposited By using any of the following means.

03.12.10Easypaisa Supported. Payment can be made through Easy Paisa.

Benefits of Membership

Being a member of Pakistan’s No 1 civil engineering site you will be able to gain a lot through this site. The membership package includes the following.

      • Download Free unlimited Books
      •  Free Softwares
      •  Free CV/Resume samples
      •  Free Solutions
      •  Free Video Tutorials
      •  Free Excel Sheets
      •  Membership Card

Who should Join …?

      •  Students
      •  Civil engineers
      •  Teachers
      •  Consultants
      •  Contractors
      •  Architects
      •  Any individual linked with construction

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long does it take for my membership to be activated ?
    We try to activate memberships as soon as possible after receiving the membership fee.
  2. Is there any downloading limit ?
    No there is no limit, a member can download anything which is available on our site.

Contact us at  to get a 2-Step Membership Procedure

Note: All annual memberships will expire after one year at the end of the month of registration. For example, month of registration is January 2015 then month of expiry will be end of January 2016. This small Membership fee is to cover the annual and maintenance expense of site …

Members 2022

  • Mr. Muhammad Naseem                                              Expiry Jan-23
  • Mr. Ehtesham Yasin                                                     Expiry Jan-23
  • Mr. Fahad Memon                                                        Expiry Jan-23
  • Mr. Faizan Shakoor                                                      Expiry Jan-23
  • Mr. Ghulam Mehdi                                                        Expiry Feb-23
  • Mr. Abdullahi Muhammad                                             Expiry Feb-23
  • Miss Alexandra Denisa Danciu                                     Expiry Feb-23
  • Mr. Shoaib Hassan                                                       Expiry Apr-23
  • Mr. Muhammad Ahmed                                                Expiry June-23
  • Mr. Shakeel Ahmed                                                      Expiry June-23
  • Mr. Rizwan Wasim                                                        Expiry Aug-23
  • Mr. Syed Qurban Ali Shah                                            Expiry Sept-23
  • Dr. Muhammad Haseeb Alvi                                         Expiry Sept-23
  • Mr. Kamalnayan Patel                                                  Expiry Sept-23
  • Mr. Masood Fareed                                                      Expiry Sept-23
  • Mr. Amir Abbasi                                                             Expiry Oct-23
  • Mr. Muhammad Azhar                                                   Expiry Oct-23

Members 2021

  • Mr. Ahmed Raza                                                         Expiry Jan-22
  • Mr. Muazzam Nawaz                                                  Expiry Jan-22
  • Mr. Abdur Rehman                                                      Expiry Mar-22
  • Mr. Muhammad Qasiar                                               Expiry Apr-22
  • Miss. Tuba Majeed                                                     Expiry May-22
  • Mr. Jawad Akhtar                                                        Expiry July-22
  • Miss. Maryam Imran                                                   Expiry Aug-22
  • Mr. Ahmed Arslan                                                       Expiry Sept-22
  • Mr. Sajeel Bilal                                                           Expiry Sept-22
  • Mr. Syed Qurban Ali Shah                                          Expiry Sept-22
  • Mr. Muhammad Asif Ali                                               Expiry Sept-22
  • Mr. Muhammad Shajee Ishtiaq                                   Expiry Oct-22
  • Mr. Muhammad Zubair                                               Expiry Oct-22
  • Mr. Syed  Muhammad Abdullah Husaini                    Expiry Nov-22
  • Mr. Usama Amir                                                         Expiry Dec-22
  • Mr. Zyan Arshad                                                         Expiry Dec-22

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432 Replies to “Membership”

  1. do i require to get membership in order to download any crack software if so how i can pay while staying in UAE.

  2. Is there any discount for taking 3 years membership at once??
    And students will pay RS:800/- after 20% discount.. am I right??

    • well i will suggest you to take membership of one year first. If you liked u can continue. Yes students get 20% discount

  3. i want to get membership on this web,but as u know that only one and a half month is remaining for this running year(2014).so if want to register my self for 2015,will the membership be valid for the remaining days of 2014,or will i pay extra 1000 for the remaining days of 2014???

    • Dear Taimoor,
      You wait till next month for the memberships of 2015 to be opened and then it will be valid till December 2015. Memberships are going to be opened in next month hopefully.

  4. Hi,

    I send you a mail with an other e-mail adress, do you received ?
    I want to be a Membership by paypal.

  5. sir can u help me to install the primavera p6 bcoz i have install the software but correctly not started and message is appear that ur license is not valid but my colleague is using the software running correctly in his laptop.

  6. sir can u help me to install the primavera p6 bcoz i have install the software but correctly not started and message is appear that ur license is not valid but my colleague is using the software running correctly in his laptop.

    sir can u help me to install the primavera p6 bcoz i have install the software but correctly not started and message is appear that ur license is not valid but my colleague is using the software running correctly in his laptop.

  7. Sir; i want to be a member here tell me the procedure so that i will be able to download the necessary documents and to avail the other membership benefits

  8. I Am MSC Student at Uet Peshawar. i want to b a member of ENgineerspk.
    please send me a procedure.

  9. Dear Brother,
    I have yahoo id….but you have mentioned in your membership form that gmail id is required,,can i send you my yahoo id?

  10. i am from the philippines, a civilengineer, can i be a member of this civil engineers pk, if so how can i be, pls send requirements, how much to pay, how & where, thanks very much

  11. Dear sir, I’m civil engineer living in Afghanistan, interesting to get membership, how can I get membership and pay the annual fee?

  12. Assalamu Alaikum.

    I’m a student of CE from Bangladesh. How can I pay for membership?
    Thanks in advance. 🙂

  13. I was wondering if i had a chance to be a membert.
    I am currently a s. lecturer in Civil engineering at the university of sulaimani-Iraq

  14. Ok I would like to join and become a member. Don’t see an application form here so how do you join? thanks George

  15. A.O
    Sir mein BZU Lahore Campus ka BS Civil Technology ho.Membership Hasil krna chta ho.
    plz inform registration processes

  16. Sir plz told me about the registration process or send the mail about the metod th registration process

  17. Asala-mu-alikum to all members specifically admin.
    my question is can Afghan who have PoR (afghan citizen) oR someone who is living in kabul take the membership or not .


  18. Hi dears….
    i am from Afghanistan….i want to participate in ur membership…..
    can u help me…..?

  19. i want to get membership of civilengineers pk plz send me the procedure of payment by easy paisa , mobi cash

  20. Kindly send me the membership procedure. Can I pay using credit card or bank account internationally?


  21. i need a link where i can pay in the website. i dont have paypal and i am in Angola…by the way…in the excell sheets,do you explain the detais how you calculate BOQ?thank

  22. dear sir,
    i am civil engineering student at mehran university jamshoro sindh. i want your membership plz tell me the procedure…

  23. Dear I want to become a member plz send me ur cell No as i want to discuss with u about membership …my cell No is 03333551121 , 03063721024

  24. Hello Dear,
    I am a Civil engineer and want to join as a memeber.Kindly email me procedure to become a member .

  25. Sir pleade can you tell me tge procedure of becoming a member? I mean what should do first, second etc.

  26. Hi.. I want to be member of this website, and I’ve already requested through the email provided above. But still I didn’t receive any response. Kindly tell me the procedures?

  27. i need to prepare for the Jr civil engineer post in WAPDA, can you help me out with what material should be used for prepartion ?

  28. Please send me membership form and address & Cell no where is to submit annual fees. I hope to see a positive reply from yourself.

    Muazzam Nawaz A/XEN AGE
    701 Pak Works section
    Military Engineer services

  29. Hi, I want to join your membership. What is the complete process? I cannot find any log-in/account creation page here.
    If I pay the fee how will I inform you?
    After paying the fees How will the system know that I am a member?


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