Building Crack Patterns

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“Building Crack Patterns”

Building Crack Patterns by Shahroz Ashraf
(Date of Publication = 15th December, 2014)

To fulfill the goal of a complete and designed life of any structure all it requires is proper maintenance. Major support and maintenance work include is paint work, anti-termite proofing, polish works, plastering, flooring and special attention to the Cracks, which is produced after certain years of service life of the structure. The cracks in concrete are often become costly and dangerous i.e the house owner notices cracks in the slab or in the beam despite the fact that the structure is fresh, it is assumed that there is some problem in structure and as well in the strength of concrete. Cracks are a portentous issue to be addressed. Cracks can turn out in any structure for instance Buildings, Roads, Hydraulic Structures, Bridges, Retaining Walls and Footing. Structures like frame structure building or any commercial building where the cracks are very serious

issue for the durability of the structure, same like for the Roads and Highways of any material (Rigid Pavement and Flexible Pavement), Hydraulic structures like dams, barrages where the concrete and soil are the major materials the cracks plays a major role for reducing the life of the structure. Cracks may be defined as many terms like primary and secondary cracks Cracks may also occur due to sudden impact i.e bomb blasts, such cracks are generated in several dimensions they are known as multi-dimensional cracks. The cracks due to earthquake or nature hazard, it may be produces near column and beam joint like shear cracks at junction of the column and beams.
Cracks that may occur due to foundation failure Such cracks can be described as diagonal/ vertical/horizontal in dimension and for the expansive soil narrow at bottom and wider at top. Cracking due to super- structural failure in brick masonry The location of these cracks is at parapet and porch inside, light load junctions and diagonal near
junctions of brick masonry and concrete elements. In concrete Structures the cracks are produced due to poor joint between concrete, the joint of any category like expansion, contraction and construction joint. The minor/ Micro cracks which swell with the passage of time and become major cracks due to sanitary, electrical, and other hidden utilities
Last but not least is the Floor cracks cause due to bad compaction, poor soil condition, underground water table and unconditional flooring materials and method of construction of the floor.

Shahroz Ashraf
Labs Coordinator
University College of Engineering Sciences and Technology (UCEST)

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