What is DPC ? Damp Proof Course

What is DPC ? Damp Proof Course, Site look of DPC and Explanation.

What is DPC ? Damp Proof Course

DPC, Damp Proof Course is a layer of Concrete with ratio (1:2:4) Cement : Sand: Crush. Damp Proof Course is applied to prevent water penetration from soil to bricks. It is usually provided at a level where the floor touches the brick walls. It should be provided to a little lever higher than the floor because the bricks should not transfer the moisture from lower bricks to upper bricks. Above the DPC, a hot bitumen layer is also applied. Bitumen is also water resistant and it does not allow water to penetrate through it (Bitumen Application Methods can be seen in this video) . Above the hot bitumen, polyethylene sheet is also provided which sticks to the hot bitumen. These three things make a complete water proofing exercise being practiced these days in all masonry houses. If you have provided a plinth beam then there is no need of providing a DPC because the thickness of concrete beam is going to serve the purpose of DPC.

DPC Site look and Explanation is shown in the following video. They have provided Double DPC and the purpose is also shown to you with illustration and explanation. These educational videos take a lot of time and effort to be made. So don’t forget to hit the like button and share it among your friends and students.

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