Microsoft Excel video tutorials 2010

Microsoft Excel video tutorials 2010

Microsoft Excel 2010 Essential Training (Chapter 06- Chapter 10) ,Excel video tutorials

Excel video tutorials

Chapter 06 Printing Preparation

0601 Making the pieces fit
0602 Inserting headers and footers
0603 Printing and PDFs

Chapter 07 Large Excel Projects

0701 Finding and replacing data
0702 Freezing panes
0703 Repeating row and column titles
0704 Creating multiple custom worksheet views
0705 Hiding or grouping rows and columns
0706 Managing worksheets
0707 Calculating formulas across worksheets

Chapter 08 Collaborating with others

0801 Importing and exporting data in Excel
0802 Setting workbook permissions
0803 Inserting and editing comments
0804 Sharing a workbook
0805 Tracking changes
0806 Saving files in shared locations

Chapter 09 Exploring Excel’s Database Features

0901 Splitting cell data into multiple cells
0902 Joining data from multiple cells
0903 Basic and multi-field sorting
0904 Using tables to sort and filter data
0905 Inserting automatic subtotals
0906 Creating lookup tables

Chapter 10 Analysing Data

1001 Using auditing to diagram
1002 Using evaluation in Excel
1003 Working with Goal Seek
1004 Using data tables in formulas
1005 Using scenarios in formulas
1006 Exploring the Analysis Tool pack

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Excel video tutorials

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