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Etabs 18 Enhancements

Structural Model
Panel-zone definitions now include nonlinear behavior that is automatically generated based on ASCE 41-17 criteria or specified as user-defined properties. The nonlinear behavior for panel zones allows the specification of a symmetrical multi-linear backbone curve with several available options for hysteretic behavior. Panel-zone acceptance criteria definitions have been expanded to allow the major and minor directions to be separately specified, and these can be automatically generated based on ASCE 41-17.

ETABS has been enhanced for compatibility with CSiXCAD™, a new plug-in from Computers and Structures, Inc., for the detailing and documenting of steel and concrete structures within AutoCAD® or BricsCAD®. Working with building models that were analyzed and designed in ETABS, CSiXCAD can automatically create plans, elevations, schedules, and 3-D BIM models. Drawings can be updated to reflect changes to the ETABS model and design results, while retaining drafting changes made to the drawings themselves.  Install Etabs Version 18

Performance-Based Design – Acceptance Criteria
Acceptance criteria can be assigned to Link and Panel Zone properties for use in performance checks. Acceptance criteria can be assigned to piers and spandrels that can measure forces, stresses, or stresses as a ratio of the square-root of the concrete compressive strength f’c.

Performance-Based Design – Results Display
The Performance Check feature now provides greater control over the calculation of the demand-capacity ratio (D/C ratio) for the whole model, as well as for each object individually. A performance check can now include acceptance criteria from links, strain gauges, pier and spandrel forces, and panel zones, along with frame and wall hinges which were previously available. Multiple demand sets can be specified as well as multiple combination methods, allowing more control over the performance-check results. Install Etabs Version 18
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