Construction Estimator Duties And Responsibilities

Construction Estimator Duties

Construction Estimator Duties And Responsibilities. Construction estimator is mainly liable for completing any building construction projects successfully. The construction estimator has to create accurate estimation and it depends on various requirements.

As for instance, he/ she should have sound knowledge for regarding drawings properly. The estimator has to set up schedule for pricing as well as understand construction process, gather experience in construction method and various materials.

They estimate work based on the proposals, blueprints, specifications, and concerned documents.

Besides, they estimate labor, material, and time to work out the complete cost of the project.

Good Construction Estimator should possess the following qualities :-

1. Building construction estimator should contain strong knowledge about drawings of works.
2. Assemble precise and properly arranged estimates and proposals in a well-timed manner for stipulated price, design-build and construction/project management formatted projects.
3. The Estimator should have the capability to read drawings accurately.
4. The estimator has to bill the quantities perfectly.
5. Good construction estimator should have the capability to generate a schedule to be priced by tender
6. He should have adequate knowledge about the construction method to be implemented; several items of the works concerned in implementation and different materials applied in the construction.

7. An understanding of a good method of producing an estimate.
8. Investigate documentation for obtaining a thorough understanding of the project requirements.
9. Create and main unit pricing and database for material and labor costing.
1. Prepare cost break down from estimates and for project progress.
11. Arrange sub-contractors quotations, negotiate to ensure the quotes satisfy the contract documents and issue correctly documented purchase orders.
12. Complete Budgeting and Scheduling for projects and track same.
13. Arrange detailed reports or bids for submission to relevant parties.
14. Choose, compute and monitor crucial metrics.

15. Visit sites, warehouses and other venues required to perform the estimate.
16. Carry out complex analysis of collected data and metrics.
17. Arrange suitable and consistent forecasts.
18. Perform complex risk analysis activities.
19. Generate and arrange reports to upper management.
20. Analyze and appraise offers.
21. Create and keep up long-term relationships with the major vendors

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Construction Estimator Duties And Responsibilities

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