Concreting Retaining Walls RCC | 2 Kanal House Basement

Concreting Retaining Walls RCC | 2 Kanal House Basement

Concreting Retaining Walls RCC | 2 Kanal House Basement

In the previous video we saw the shuttering process of retaining walls. In this video we are going to see the concreting process of R.C.C retaining walls, the temporary platform built for the transfer of concreting via wheel barrows. The flow of concrete can be seen in the video. No Concrete pump was available and the shuttering was also not adequate to cover the complete basement so the contractor had to concrete two walls at one time while providing a water stopper in between the old and new concrete.

Steel bar or a vibrator is used for the compaction of concrete but in this video the concrete was flowing on its own which you can see and can comment on the same video if you want to ask anything. The idea is to cover whole process of a 2 Kanal house so that students should know before graduating, how practically a house is built and what are the things required to do so. This video series is also very much beneficial for those persons who are not from the field of construction and wants to see the whole process of house construction before constructing their own house.

We will try to cover all activities of this house and will keep on uploading videos on our official you tube channel. You can share this whole playlist with your friends who are interested to built a house and don’t forget to hit the like button as it tells you tube that this video is beneficial for people. Thanks.

Concreting Retaining Walls RCC | 2 Kanal House Basement

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2 Replies to “Concreting Retaining Walls RCC | 2 Kanal House Basement”

  1. The specifications of rcc concreting has not been followed .
    1.Water ratio was in access. Which causes voids /honey combe. Ultimately the strength of concrete loss.
    2.The height of shuttering was to high .
    3.The water stopper was not given/imbeded in ist; concreting .

    • Practical videos are shared so that people may give their suggestions and others may learn from them

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