Concrete Column Aesthetic Works

Concrete Column Aesthetic Works

A vertical compressive member whose effective length is greater than 3 times Its least lateral dimension (thickness) carrying axial compressive loads is called as a column. Columns transfer the loads from the beams or slabs to the footings or foundations. We all know that the column is a very important part of a structure as it is one of the main load carrying member. Concrete Column Aesthetic Works

We have seen different types of columns like RCC columns, wooden columns, steel columns etc but the most common of them is the concrete column. In the construction of house after the concreting is done, the column is re-plastered to make some designs on it. These are for the aesthetic purpose. The look of a column is changed once the design is completed. The aesthetic works are done by labors and mesons and they have certain tolls for different types of designs. The one we are going to see in the following video also contains a frame and a grooving tool. Video contains the complete procedure from the plastering, to the final look of the column. If you are following this 2 Kanal House Playlist, then you must have seen the construction of these RCC Columns. Now lets see how these designs are made on plain columns. Dont forget to subscribe the channel for more upcoming amazing videos. Thanks

Concrete Column Aesthetic Works , Concrete Column Aesthetic Works, Concrete Column Aesthetic Works

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