Burning of Bricks

Burning of Bricks

Burning of Bricks

Burning of Bricks

Burning of bricks is done in a clamp or kiln. A clamp is a temporary structure whereas kiln is a permanent one.

Burning in Clamp or Pazawah:Burning of Bricks

A typical clamp is shown in Fig. The bricks and fuel are placed in alternate layers. The amount of fuel is reduced successively in the top layers. Each brick tier consists of 4–5 layers of bricks. Some space is left between bricks for free circulation of hot gasses. After 30 per cent loading of the clamp, the fuel in the lowest layer is fired and the remaining loading of bricks and fuel is carried out hurriedly. The top and sides of the clamp are plastered with mud. Then a coat of cow dung is given, which prevents the escape of heat. The production of bricks is 2–3 lacs and the process is completed in six months. This process yields about 60 per cent first class bricks.

Kiln Burning

Intermittent Kiln:Burning of Bricks

The example of this type of an over ground, rectangular kiln is shown in Fig. After loading the kiln, it is fired, cooled and unloaded and then the next loading is done. Since the walls and sides get cooled during reloading and are to be heated again during next firing, there is wastage of fuel.

Continuous Kiln:

The examples of continuous kiln are Hoffman’s kiln and Bull’s trench kiln .In a continuous kiln, bricks are stacked in various chambers wherein the bricks undergo different treatments at the same time. When the bricks in one of the chambers is fired, the bricks in the next set of chambers are dried and preheated while bricks in the other set of chambers are loaded and in the last are cooled.

1. Manufacturing of Bricks
2. Moulding of Bricks
3. Drying of Bricks
4. Burning of Bricks
5. Hoffmann’s kiln and Bull’s trench kiln

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