The World of BIM | Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling. With the advancement in science and technology, every single day is a new invention as every second is giving birth to innovation. The world is transforming at a meteoric pace. Similarly, technology is evolving the way buildings are designed and constructed.? Building Information Modeling

BIM (Building Information Modeling)

✔ BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a process that forms 3D models and makes everything easier. Engineers, Architects, Contractors, etc. are proficiently designing, planning and constructing buildings with the help of BIM.

? The conventional building designs were primarily dependant on two-dimensional technical drawings whereas, Building Information Modeling (BIM) extends beyond three-dimensions with time as the fourth dimension and cost as the fifth dimension. Building Information Modeling

? With the help of BIM, one can fabricate 3D models that include data associated with physical and functional characteristics. With the help of BIM engineers, architects and contractors all can work with coordination as it gives them cognizance of how their designed work can be blended in the project.

? With the power of BIM, if one wants to change a small part in the model, then the whole model gets updated automatically (all views, sections, etc.). Before the solid construction of the design, you can modify your plan by using the information from the model. This way you can ameliorate your design.

? With the help of pragmatic visualization due to BIM, approval of a project becomes way easier. This realistic visualization not only let professionals have an insight into the project, but amateurs too are able to understand the project.

? Project risk is alleviated when you work with BIM. Further, BIM yields better outcomes and reduce the amount of money required for the project.

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BIM is the need of the time and all engineering, architectural etc. designs should utilize this 3D modeling process. BIM increases sustainability in the construction industry hence promoting Green Buildings as well.

Building Information Modeling

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  1. Great this type of modeling is solve too much of problems related to construction and increase the building design efficiency.

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