Solution Manual Reinforced Concrete

Instructor’s Solution Manual Reinforced Concrete

A Fundamental Approach (6th Edition )
By Edward G. Nawy

Solution Manual Reinforced Concrete


Please note that there are no solutions for Chapters 1 through 4. Solutions begin
with Chapter 5.
Chapter 5 Flexure in Beams, 1–41
Chapter 6 Shear and Diagonal Tension in Beams, 42–82
Chapter 7 Torsion, 83–111
Chapter 8 Serviceability of Beams and One-Way Slabs, 112–143
Chapter 9 Combined Compression and Bending: Columns, 144–205
Chapter 10 Bond Development of Reinforcing Bars, 206–221
Chapter 11 Design of Two-Way Slabs and Plates, 222–262
Chapter 12 Footings, 263–281
Chapter 13 Continuous Reinforced Concrete Structures, 282–312
Chapter 14 Introduction to Prestressed Concrete, 313–329
Chapter 15 LRFD AASHTO Design of Concrete Bridge Structures, 330–368
Chapter 16 Seismic Design of Concrete Structures, 369–395
Chapter 17 Strength Design of Masonry Structures, 396–421

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