PPSC Interview Questions Irrigation Department

PPSC Interview Questions Irrigation By Nabeel Khokhar

PPSC Interview Questions Irrigation

Panel = 1 from irrigation department, 1 from PPSC member, 2 from UET teachers. (Dr. Ashiq Kharal and Engr. Jamal-ur-Rehman)
From PPSC Member

1) Where do you live ?
2) From where did you do your graduation?
3) Do you think any other field better than engineering?
4) Why do you think UET is best for Civil Engineering?
5) What is the meaning of Suo-Moto?
6) Do you think CJP is doing right by taking too much Suo-Moto?
7) NS is saying that CJP is taking someone’s dictation and a biased action is being taken against elected PM. How do you see this statement?
What are the issues of Pakistan ?
9) How do you see the Future of Pakistan ?

From Teacher 1 (Dr. Ashiq)
10) What do you know about Water-Logging?
11) What are the causes of water-logging?
12) How can you reclaim the water-logged land?
13) What do you know about salinity & how can you deal with this issue?
14) What are the duties of SDO?
15) How will you use the authorities of canal magistrate?
From Teacher 2 (Engr. Jamal-ur-Rehman)
16) What are the unit weight of PCC & RCC ?
17) What is M.S.L & ( I don’t remember accurately)

From member of Irrigation Department
18) Which type of structure does canal have maximum in number?
19) Name the types of outlets?
20) Name the types of Non-Modular type outlets?
21) Define the working of Flexible-Module outlet?
22) A.P.M falls in which category of types of outlet?
23) Define Sensitivity?
24) Define Flexibility?
25) Define Modular Ratio?
26) What is the modular head of A.P.M ?

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