Interview Questions WASA, LDA

Interview Questions WASA, LDA

Following are some of the questions asked from students during interview for the post of assistant director BPS-17 in Water and Sanitation Agency(WASA), Lahore Development Authority (LDA)


  1. Introduce Yourself
  2. What is Fly levelling and what is its field Check ?
  3. What is Hydraulic Mean Depth?
  4. There is cube of 12x12x12. How many cubes you can obtain from it if the cross sectional dimensions are 3 ?
  5. Redundant member in truss!, Its 2 functions ?
  6. 6. SCADA abbreviation ?
  7. Where is golden gate bridge ?
  8. How would you tackle bending moment in truss ?
  9. What is the BOD of drinking water ?
  10. Pipe Testing ?
  11. Invert level and determination ?
  12. Min Earth Cover ?
  13. Slenderness ratio ?

By Naqi Irtaza

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Tell us functions of WASA in single sentence.
  3. Future plans of WASA
  4. Minimum self-cleansing velocity and its value in FPS.
  5. Hazen William formula is used for?
  6. Main source of water in Lahore
  7. Name any four wonders of world.
  8. What is the rehabilitation techniques used for leaning tower of Pisa?
  9. At what angle the Pisa tower is leaned?
  10. Tell us something about irrigation system of Pakistan
  11. Effects of Indus basic treaty on irrigation system of Pakistan
  12. SCADA stands for?
  13. How will you calculate surface run off?
  14. Which material is widely used for sewer pipes worldwide?
  15. Qasur city is famous for?
  16. What do you understand by term “Residual chlorine” and how will you identify it in water?
  17. WHO recommendations for chlorination of water.
  18. Current governor of Punjab province
  19. Name some countries which are near north pole
  20. What is planimeter and for what purpose it is used for?
  21. Name of book written by Famous author “Steel”
  22. Hydraulic mean depth
  23. Typical formulae used to calculate stiffness of bracing members in case of steel structures
  24. How many water treatment plants are working in Pakistan?
  25. Difference between rapid sand filter and slow sand filter?
  26. Which one is best a rapid sand filter or a slow sand filter?

By Aliyan Sayad

  1. What are the dimensions of a standard brick ?
  2. How much water is absorbed by the first class brick by weight?
  3. What is the crushing strength of a brick ?
  4. Tell about the weight of first class brick ?
  5. What will the crushing strength of concrete mix 1:2:4 ?
  6. Types of walls with the point of view of structure ?

By Muddassar Hussain Minhass

  1. How the tensile strength of concrete is determined and what is the relation between tensile and compressive strength of concrete?
  2. Define Column and what are the types of the columns w.r.t slenderness ratio?
  3. Define Line of collimation and bench marks?
  4. What is Contour equivalent?
  5. Which section among hollow and solid circular section will have more moment of inertia and why?
  6. Parameters for design of water supply system?
  7. What are the unaccounted losses?
  8. How the water distribution systems are designed?
  9. What are the functions of WASA?
  10. Dry and wet volume conversion?
  11. Cement required for 1:2:4 mix design ?
  12. Define slenderness ratio?
  13. What will be the first step for deciding the design criteria for the Sewer or Water Supply design?

By Malik Muhammad Ahmad

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Interview Questions WASA,Interview Questions WASA,

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