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Civil engineering and designing are very much related to each other. The engineering skills, aids in broadening the spectrum of creativity. The word “artist” has a profound meaning, and according to me civil engineers too fall into this category of being addressed as an artist.?‍ I think they are those magicians who create real magic.

Below ? article is an amalgam of civil engineering and interior designing.

Contents ?

  •  AutoCAD House Plan ?
  •  Interior Designing ideas for living room ✨
  •  Interior Designing ideas for drawing room ✔
  •  Interior Designing ideas for dining room ?

I took a stab at making a house plan with 3D interior designing. I hope it’s good enough for a beginner. ?

? AutoCAD House Plan 

AutoCAD – 1 Kanal House Plan ?

✨3D Interior Designing Ideas for Living Room 

Below? is a GIF that I made for my living room design recommendation.

3D Interior Designing
Living Room 3D Design ?

✔ Interior Designing Ideas for Drawing Room 

If you’re looking for minimalistic interior decoration ideas, then you’re at the right place.

3D Interior Designing
Drawing Room 3D Design ?

Interior Designing Ideas for Dining Room 

Dining Room 3D Design ?

Over To You

I personally don’t like to stuff the room with unnecessary things. Overcrowding the place with things that are of no use doesn’t look good. I feel there should be ample space for human movement in the room.

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