Highway Capacity Manual 2000

Highway Capacity Manual (HCM) 2000

Transportation Research Board, National Research Council

Highway Capacity Manual 2000

Contents of Highway Capacity Manual

Part 1: Overview 
Capacity and Level of servise concepts
Decision Making
Part 2: Concepts
Traffic Flow Parameters
Traffic Characteristics
Analytical Procedures Overview
Urban Street Concepts
Pedestrian and Bicycle Concepts
Highway Concepts
Freeway Concepts
Transit Concepts
Part 3: Methodologies
Urban Streets
Signalised Intersections
Un-signalised Intersections
Two lane Highways
Multi-lane Highways
Freeway Facilities
Basic Freeway Segments
Freeway Weaving
Ramps and Ramp Junctions
Interchange Ramp Terminals
Part 4: Corridor and Areawide analyses
Assessment of Multiple Facilities
Corridor Analysis
Areawide Analysis
Part 5: Simulation and other Models
Simulation and Other Models

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