Concreting 1 FT Raft in 2 Kanal House Basement

Concreting 1 ft raft foundation in a 2 kanal house basement.


A 2 Kanal house is under construction in Defence Housing Authority Lahore. All the construction activities are recorded and shared on our official youtube channel in sequence, you can see those under the playlist of construction. The Process of concreting has also been recorded and shared for all our subscribers to have a look how concreting is done manually in basement of a 2 Kanal house. The depressions in the basement were concreted first then the upper part of raft was concreted. Aggregates used in depressed ares (where walls are to be placed) were sargodha crush, margalla crush, dina crush ( usually called “Bajjar” in local language ) and ravi sand.

All the aggregates were mixed in concrete mixer and then transferred to the site with the help of wheel barrows. Concrete vibrator was used to compact and flow concrete along with manual effort. Vibrator improves compaction of concrete and lets it occupy tiny empty spaces. After concreting the depressed areas, the same procedure was opted for the upper part of raft. Aggregates used for upper part of raft were sargodha crush, margalla crush, and ravi sand except dina bajjar which is usually used under the lean concrete. Once the raft reached the height of 1 ft it was leveled manually to have a horizontally smooth leveled surface.

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