Civil Engineering Interview Questions

Civil Engineering Interview Questions

Some Common Questions asked in every interview  are as follows: 1) Introduce Yourself and tell me about your achievements (if any). 2) Why do you think this job is best for you or why you are the best person for this job ? 3) In which company you are doing job and why you want to leave it ? 4) Some People would also ask you about your strengths and weaknesses. 5) What is your current Salary ? 6) Some people would also inquire about your hobbies etc.

Technical Questions Asked in an interview depends on the type of job like if the job is related to Inspecting a Site (Site Engineer) then most of the questions will be related to field and tests performed in field and in lab. The Most Important thing which a person should keep in mind is that the person who is taking your interview will look for the confidence in you.It is not compulsory that you answer all the questions perfectly or you to know each any every answer of the questions asked but what ever you say with confidence and if u don’t know an answer always remember that don’t give wrong answer as it will have bad effect on them. Say that i don’t have the answer in mind right now or just say sorry i don’t know. Eye contact is important while giving answer it will also make a good impression  on them. Dress Properly and speak like an engineer. Try to give answer in the same language the question was asked. Some of the General Questions can be found as follows:-

  1. What happens to Load at yielding ?

  2. What is Critical Path in Ms-Project ?

  3. where will be the reinforcement of slab placed when there is an inverted beam and the bottom of the beam and slab are at same level ?

  4. What is Passive earth pressure ?

  5. Which condition will prevail for the design of a swimming pool ? when th e pool is empty or when it is filled ?

  6. What will be the effect of over reinforcement ?

  7. What is Planning ?

  8. What is the comprevsive strength of Brick ?

  9. What is the water absorption of first class brick ?

  10. Why we provide steel in Concrete ?

  11. Define Shear Force and in a structure subjected to gravity loads where will be the shear force ?

  12. Which are the Steel tests ?

  13. Which are the concrete Tests?

  14. Initial & final setting time of concrete?

  15. Brick strength is more or concrete block?

  16. Why in Pakistan Bricks are used so much?

  17. In a cantilever …where will the steel be provided and why?

  18. What is Plinth Level and Sill Level?

  19. How many bricks are there in 100cft?

  20. 28 days compressive strength of concrete in PSI?

  21. What is slump Test?

  22. How can u check the diameter of steel after the construction?

  23. What is specific gravity?

  24. How cracks in concrete can be avoided?

  25. Types Of DPC and its Thickness used?

  26. 28 Days Strength of Concrete (1:2:4)?

  27. Strength of brick?

  28. what is Brest Wall?

  29. what is Brick crushing strength(PSI)?

  30. what is Bearing Capacity,How to determine it?

  31. How much is the curing time period?

  32. How many types of slabs are there & how to design it?

  33. How many are the types of joints?

  34. Why joints are provided?

  35. How many bricks are there in 100cft?

  36. Types Of DPC and its Thickness used?

  37. How many bricks are there in 100 cft?

  38. Which are the Steel tests ?

  39. How much is the cover for slab?

  40. “Interview Questions for MSc-Structures”

  41. What is Packing Factor ?

  42. Forces in a Shear Wall are in plane or out of plane ?

  43. What is fineness modulus ? and its sieve # ?

  44. What is Base Shear ?

  45. What is Time period of a building and its relation with frequency ?

  46. There are two buildings one taller and one shorter whose time period will be grater and similarly the frequency ?

  47. Workability ?

  48. Sulphate Resisting Cement ?

  49. Special thing in designing a overhead reservoir ? which is different from an ordinary design

  50. Maximum %age of Steel in columns and beams ?

  51. how many cft in one cement bag?

  52. what are 5’c and 5’m in project management?

  53. Types of foundation?

  54. Bearing Capacity of Lahore soil?

  55. Why we perform compaction ?

  56. Dimentions of Foundation are calculated on basis of ??

  57. Density of steel in lb/inch^3?

  58. Dimentions of Standard Brick?

  59. Slump Value ?

  60. forces in truss ?

  61. what are Building standards ?
  62. If every other thing remains constant (including load) then Strain will be higher in ? Grade 60 or Grade 40 ?


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