Civil Engineering Concrete and Structure Books

Civil Engineering Concrete and Structure Books

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  1. Concrete Structures Part-II By Z. A. Siddiqui
  2. Retrofitting  Techniques 1
  3. Retrofitting Techniques 2
  4. Wind & Earthquake resistant Buildings   Structural Analysis and Design By Bungale S. Taranath
  5. Reinforced Concrete Mechanics & Design  (6th Edition) By James.K.White and James.G.MacGregor
  6. A First Course in the Finite Element Method (4th Edition) by Daryl L. Logan University of Wisconsin–Platteville
  7. Fundamentals of Finite Element Analysis By David V. Hutton Pullman, WA The McGraw−Hill Companies, 2004
  8. Finite Element Modeling for Stress Analysis By Robert D. Cook  University of Wisconsin – Madison
  9. Design of Reinforced Masonry Structures (2nd Edition) By Narendra Taly
  11. Structural Dynamics theory and computation by Mario Paz (2nd Edition)
  12. Dynamics of Structures By Anil K Chopra
  13. Dynamics of Structures By RayW. Clough Professor of Civil Engineering University of California, Berkeley,  Joseph Penzien International Civil Engineering Consultants, Inc. (Third Edition)
  14. Modal Analysis By Jimin He and Zhi-Fang Fu
  15. Design and Detailing of Counterfort retaining wall 
  16. Reinforced Concrete A fundamental Approach 5th Edition ACI 318-05 Code Edition By Edward G.Nawy
  17. Lecture Notes in Mechanics and Design of Reinforced Concrete Victor E.Saouma
  18. Design of Concrete Structures By Arthur  H.Nilson, David Darwin, Charles W.Dolan (13th Edition)
  19. Design of Concrete Structures By Arthur  H.Nilson, David Darwin, Charles W.Dolan (14th Edition)
  20. Manual For Design and Detailing of Reinforced Concrete to Code of Practice for Structural Use Of Concrete
  21. Limiting Reinforcement Ratios for Reinforced Flexural Members
  22. Structural Analysis Classical Methods
  23. Design Of Plate Girders
  24. Shear Walls. Design of reinforced concrete non-load bearing and load bearing shear walls
  25. Structural concrete theory and design 4th edition By M. Nadim Hassoun & Akthem Al-Manaseer”Online Interactive 3D Finite element stress analysis using high performance computing (HPC) Cluster ” By Mr. Zachary Vick, University of Oklahoma (Master’s Candidate), Dr. Kurt C. Gramoll, University of Oklahoma
  26. Analysis and Design of Beams For Bending 
  27. Structural Analysis in Theory & Practice  By Alan Williams
  28. Structure as Architecture A source book for Architects and Structural Engineers By Andrew W. Charleson
  29. Testing of Concrete in Structures By J.H.BUNGEY Professor of Civil Engineering University of Liverpool and S.G.MILLARD Senior Lecturer in Civil Engineering University of Liverpool
  30. Theorem of optimal reinforcement for reinforced concrete cross sections  By E.Hernández-Montes & L. M. Gil-Martín & M. Pasadas-Fernández & M. Aschheim.
  31. Prestressed Concrete A fundamental Approach (4th Edition) By Edward  G. Nawy
  32. Prestressed Concrete A fundamental Approach (5th Edition) By Edward  G. Nawy
  33. Prestressed Concrete (Fourth Edition) By N Krishna Raju
  34. Advanced Concrete Technology ( Constituent Materials ) By John Newman, Ban Seng Choo
  35. Advanced Concrete Technology ( Concrete Properties ) By John Newman, Ban Seng Choo
  36. Advanced Concrete Technology ( Processes ) By John Newman, Ban Seng Choo
  37. Advanced Concrete Technology ( Testing and Quality ) By John Newman, Ban Seng Choo
  38. Concrete Microstructure, Properties and Materials (3rd Edition) By P.Kumar Mehta, Paulo J. M. Monteiro Mc Graw Hill
  39. Design of Reinforced Concrete (7th Edition) ACI 318-05 code edition By Jack C.McCormac, James K Nelson
  40. PCI Design handbook, Precast and Prestressed Concrete (5th Edition)
  41. Structural Analysis (8th Edition) By R.C.Hibbeler ( Solution Also Available  Click Here )
  42. Concrete Technology (2nd Edition) By A. M. Neville, J. J. Brooks
  43. Reinforced Concrete Design by Chu-Kia Wang, Charles G. Salmon, José A. Pincheira
  44. Steel Structures Design and Behavior (4th Edition) By Charles.G. Simon, John. E. Johnson
  45. Cable Structures By Max Irvine
  46. Properties of Concrete (5th Edition) by A.M.Neville
  47. Basics of Concrete Science By L. Dvorkin and O.Dvorkin
  48. Elementary Structural Analysis (Third Edition) By wilbar norris
  49. Statically Indeterminate Structures By C. K. Wang
  50. Structural Elements for Architects and Builders ( Design of Columns, Beams & tension elements in wood, steel & reinforced concrete ) By Jonathan Ochshorn
  51. Structural Modeling & Experimental Techniques (2nd Edition) By Harry G. Harris, Gajanan M. Sabnis
  52. Stiffener Design for Beam-to-Column Connections By Michelle L. Holland
  53. The Finite Element Method (5th Edition) Volume 1 The Basis By O.C. Zienkiewicz
  54. The Finite Element Method (5th Edition) Volume 2 Solid Mechanics By O.C. Zienkiewicz
  55. The Finite Element Method (5th Edition) Volume 1 Fluid Dynamics By O.C. Zienkiewicz
  56. The Finite Element Method (6th Edition) Volume 1,2,3 Complete Set By O.C. Zienkiewicz and R. L. Taylor
  57. Structural Mechanics of Buried pipes By Reynold King Watkins, Loren Runar Anderson
  58. Prestressed concrete Analysis and Design Fundamentals (2nd Edition) By Antoine e. Naaman
  59. Masonry wall Specifications and Design By Kenneth Thomas
  60. Reinforced Concrete Structures Volume II By Dr. B. C. Punmia, Ashok. K. Jain,  Arun. K. Jain
  61. Structural Engineering Formulas By Ilya Mikhelson Mcgraw Hill
  62. Welded Design Theory & Practise By John Hicks
  63. Wind Loading of Structures By John D. Holmes
  64. Design and control of concrete mixtures 14th Edition By Steven H. Kosmatka, Beatrix Kerkhoff, and William C. Panarese
  65. Buried Steel penstocks Second Edition By American Iron and Steel Institute.
  66. Composite structures of steel and concrete Volume 1 Second Edition Beams, Slabs, Columns and Frames for Buildings By R. P. Johnson
  67. Design & Construction of Concrete Formwork
  68. Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete Analysis and design with emphasis on application of AS3600-2009 By Yew-Chaye Loo, Sanaul Huq Chowdhury
  69. Structural Analysis by Aslam Kassimali (743 Pages)
  70. Finite Element Method (FEM) / Boundary Element Method (BEM) By Professor Peter Hunter
  71. Finite Element Procedures By Klaus-Jurgen Bathe
  72. Structural Engineering Handbook By W. F. Chen (1754 Pages)



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