Center Line Method of Estimation

Center Line Method of Estimation. What is it ?

What is center line method of estimation ?

For all engineering works it is required to know beforehand the probable cost of construction known as estimated cost. If the estimated cost is greater than the money available then attempts are made to reduce the cost by reducing the work or by changing the specifications. In preparing the estimate, the quantities of different items are calculated by simple maturation method and from these quantities the cost is calculated. (Knowledge of drawing is necessary for this). In preparing the estimate one has to go into detail of each item big or small, nothing can be left or missed. Accuracy in estimate is very important, if an estimate is exceeded it becomes a very difficult problem for engineers to explain, to account for and arrange for the additional money. Inaccuracy in preparing estimate, omission of items, changes in designs, improper rates, etc. are the reasons for exceeding the estimate, though exceed in the rates is the main reason. The rates in the estimate provided for the whole work, which consist of the cost of the materials, cost of transport, cost of labor, cost of scaffolding, cost of tools and plants, cost of water, taxes, establishment and supervision cost, reasonable profit of contractor, etc. One of the method of estimation is center line which is explained in the following video. Read more about the Estimation types here

What is Center Line Method of Estimation ?

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