Autocad Video Tutorials

Autocad Video Tutorials

Autocad Video Tutorials. Learn Complete Autocad From the Following video Tutorials
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Exercise Files   Files for Exercise / Practise during this Complete Video Guide


001. Welcome
002. Introduction to the course
003. Using the example Files

The AutoCAD interface

0101. Understanding the model space
0102. using the ribbon
0103. Using the menu browser
0104. Using the command line
0105. Activating the tool bars
0106. Leveraging dockable palettes
0107. Reading the status bar
0108. Saving your workspace
0109. Customizing AutoCAD

Autocad Video Tutorials

Opening Viewing and Saving Drawings

0201. Opening and Autocad Drawing
0202. Exercising Mouse Functions
0203. Zooming Panning and Regenning 
0204. Working in a multiple document Environment
0205. Saving your work
0206. Saving time templates

Drawing Fundamentals

0301. Drawing Lines
0302. Maintaining Accuracy with the ortho and polar modes 
0303. Drawing Circles
0304.Activating the Heads-up Display

Controlling Drawing Units

0401. Defining Units of Measure
0402. Drafting with Architectural Units
0403. Working with Metric Units

Controlling Accuracy

0501. Understanding Cartesian Coordinates
0502. Maintaining Accuracy with Object Snaps
0503.  Automating Object Snaps

Specialized Draw Commands

0601. Drawing Rectangles
0602. Drawing Ellipses
0603. Organizing with Hatch Patterns 
0604. Drawing Polygons

 Primary Modifications

0701. Moving and Copying Elements
0702. Rotating Elements
0703. Creating Offset Lines
0704. Erasing Elements
0705. Undoing and Redoing Actions 

Selecting Entities

0801. Selecting Elements with windows
0802. Removing Elements from Selections
0803. Using Key-ins

Making Major Changes

0901. Trimming and Extending Elements
0902. Creating Fillets
0903. Creating Chamfers
0904. Creating Patterned Copies with Arrays 
0905. Creating Mirror Images
0906. Stretching Elements
0907. Scaling Elements
0908. Leveraging Grips
0909. Exploding Elements
0910. Joining Elements

Organizing Drawings

1001. Understanding Layers
1002. Organizing with the layer properties manager
1003. Using Layer Control
1004. Understanding the ByLayer Property
1005. Using the Layer Previous Command

General Annotations

1101. Annotating with Single Line Text
1102. Justifying Text
1103. Creating Text Styles
1104. Annotating with Multi Line Text
1105. Editing Text
1106. Created Bulleted and Numbered Lists
1107. Inserting Symbols
1108. Correcting Spelling Errors

Dimensioning  Autocad Video Tutorials

1201. Creating Dimensions
1202. Creating Dimensions Styles
1203. Inserting Callouts
1204. Modifying Dimensions

Helpful AutoCAD Tools

1301. Using The Distance Command
1302. Modify elements with the Property Changer 
1303. Using the Quick Calculator

Reusable Content Autocad Video Tutorials

1401. Creating and Inserting Blocks
1402. Leveraging Blocks
1403. Re-defining Blocks
1404. Building your Block Library

Plotting Autocad Video Tutorials

1501. Creating Quick Plots
1502. Selecting a pen Table
1503. Using Layouts choosing pt1 Paper size 
1504. Using Layouts choosing pt2 Inserting a Block
1505. Using Layouts choosing pt3 Cutting Viewports
1506. Importing Layouts
1507. Calculating Scale Factors
1508. Sizing Model Space Text
1509. Sizing Model Space Dimensions 
1510. Scaling Line Types

Sharing Data Autocad Video Tutorials

1601. Saving In Other Formats
1602. E-Transmitting Drawings
1603. Plotting to the Design web format


1701. Good Bye

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