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Year in Review, Maham Batool is an active author at CivilEngineersPK. She has been an avid writer and a motivational speaker. Currently, she is studying to be a Civil Engineer. She aspires to be an Architect and an Interior Designer. Her Year in Review can be an inspiration for many out there. Read her story below to know more about her ?.

? 2018 was an incredible year for me both personally and professionally. I just published my year in review discussing everything from an on-going student of Civil Engineering to an aspiring entrepreneur and a passionate writer. I am writing this year in review to fight with my impostor syndrome, to hold myself accountable, to keep a log of what I do, and to see how I improve myself as an engineer & designer over the years

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Here’s what you’ll find in there.

  • ? Shared earlier life
  • ? Redefined who I am now — ?‍♀️ Civil Engineer, ? aspiring Architect, and an Interior Designer, ✍ Published Author, ? Speaker, and ? Blogger.
  • ? Who is Maham Batool?
  • ?‍? My Online Presence
  • ? House Of Panache
  • ? Got Featured
  • ✅ My Blog (Personal Branding)
  •   Speaker
  • ?‍? Held My Very First Workshop
  • ? What’s Next?!

And also discussed the following topics:

  • ?‍?TEACHING —Working on an online course
  • ? Apprenticeship!,
  • ?Workshops, Meetups, Talks, Networking!
  • ?Research Papers & Blogs!
  • ?Helping Civil Engineers!
  • ?CAREER GROWTH — Interior Design, 3D Views, Layouts, Structures & Maps!

2018 Year in Review — Civil Engineering, Design, & What’s Next?

Year in Review

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