New 12 Marla House Design

New 12 Marla House Design

New 12 Marla House Design with ground floor, first floor, second floor and roof.
5 Bed Rooms, 2 Lounges, 4 Baths, Double Terrace, Double Roof, Big Porch for two cars, Lawn, 1 Big Room, 1 Drawing Room, 1 Sitting Room, 1 Kitchen, 1 Dining, Stairs on every floor, Open space from all sides. Elevation, 3D Day and Night views. All by Civilengineerspk. You can contact us any time. 12 Marla House

12 Marla Ground Floor 

New 12 Marla House Design

12 Marla First Floor 

New 12 Marla House Design

12 Marla Second Floor 

New 12 Marla House Design

12 Marla Elevation

New 12 Marla House Design

12 Marla 3D Day Render

New 12 Marla House Design

12 Marla 3D Night Render

New 12 Marla House Design

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“Marla” is a traditional unit of area that was used in Pakistan, India,and Bangladesh. The marla was standardized under British rule to be equal to the square rod, or 272.25 square feet, 30.25 square yards, or 25.2929 square metres. As such, it was exactly one 160th of an acre. Read More Here

In Rural Areas like villages 1 Marla = 272 square feet whereas in urban areas it is 225 Square feet.
“Kanal” is a unit of area equivalent to one-eighth of an acre, used in northern India and Pakistan. A kanal is equal to:

  • 0.125 acres (510 m2)
  • 505 m² (1 kanal = 505.857 m2)
  • 20 marlas
  • 605 square yards

12 Marla House, 12 Marla House, 12 Marla House

12 Replies to “New 12 Marla House Design”

  1. Sir, my plot size is 50 feet front (east facing) and depth is 40 feet. on front there is road. kindly suggest house plan.

  2. Dear Sir
    What are your charges for a 10 marla house plan. Modern but reasonable design required.?
    visit of plot is mandatory?? if then , what are the charges?
    and for consultation during the construction?

  3. Hello,
    Sir, my plot size is 40 feet front (SW facing) and depth is 90 feet length it’s a corner plot 3 side open. Kindly suggest house plan we need 3 bedroom in ground floor.

  4. Sir my plot size back and front 72ft from mashriq side 35.5. And magrib side 44.5 .magrib side ke tarf rasta he 10ft how it design single story wd basement

  5. Dear Civilengineerspk ,

    I have south face 14 marla (13.5X24 MTR) plot in Huda pataudi sec.1. front road side size is 12 mtr. Could you pls help with sample design with elevations.
    My requirement is like :-
    1. Ground floor only 2 rooms and 2 separate bathroom one small kitchen. Rest is with big parking.
    2. 1st floor with 4 room sets with attached big toilet bothroom in center hall.

    Map should be based on vastu. Based on sample design will make some custom modification and pay for your service.

    Kindly help with your charges with 6D design ?

    Thanks regards
    Mob. 8860000122

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