Open Channel Hydraulics By Ven Te Chow

Open Channel Hydraulics
By Ven Te Chow
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Open Channel Hydraulics By Ven Te Chow

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New Books

  1. Design of Deep Foundations U.S Army corps of engineers
  2. Foundations of Vibrating Machines By Shamsher Prakash, Vijay. K. Puri
  3. Well Drilling Methods By Isaiah Bowman, Department of the interior United States Geological Survey.

Article 15) “Dam & Classification of Dams”

Article 15) “Dam & Classification of Dams”

 (Date of Publication = 18th April, 2014)


A dam is a barrier built across a stream, river or estuary to hold and control the flow of water for such uses as drinking water supplies, irrigation, flood control and hydropower generation etc. Diamer-Bhasha-Dam


Advanced Strength and Applied Electricity (Fourth Edition)
Ansel. C. Ugural, Saul. K. Fenster

New Book “Civil Engineering Hydraulics”

Civil Engineering Hydraulics (Third Edition) By R. E. Featherstone, C. Nalluri

Combined Footing Design Excel Sheet

Combined Footing Design Excel Sheet

Combined footing

AISI 2010

AISI Standard Supplement No. 2 To The North American Specification for the Design of Cold-Formed Steel Structural Members 2010 edition

“The Civil Engineering Handbook”

The Civil Engineering Handbook (2nd Edition)
By W.F. Chen, J.Y. Richard Liew
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Civil Engineering Handbook

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