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(Date of Publication = 4th April, 2013)


What is honesty?  It is the fairness and straightforwardness of conduct.  The importance of honesty can never be denied on any level. It takes courage to be honest in any kind of relationship.  Are we honest and sincere enough with ourselves and this country?

Just few days back I was having discussion with my friends regarding the honesty and sincerity of people with this country. It is not always without effort to be honest, especially when most of the people are in power. How can we expect politicians to be honest if we are not with ourselves? I am certainly not blaming all famous personalities, of course, but observation reveals that the more honest everyone becomes on a personal level, the more we see dishonesty on any level. Everywhere this is not the case; there are some exceptions also who have made the history of Pakistan.

The great nuclear scientist Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan came to Pakistan in 1975 from Holland and started his task on atomic bomb project from the scratch. Dr. A. Q Khan burned the mid night oil and brightened the dismal brow of his beloved nation. With intense patriotic spirit, he succeeded in his mission. Everyone knows what has happened next? He was house arrested, interrogated, and insulted for exporting the nuclear technology to some countries. He denied the allegations. Under the USA pressure, he was rounded. On the other hand, we see that India had made their nuclear scientist Abul Kalam, the president of the state, while we had imprisoned our hero. It is the matter of great shame for us. Dr. Abdul Qadeer is our national hero and a living legend. He is popular in the masses for his honesty and patriotism.

Kamran Faisal, Assistant Director, National Accountability Bureau (NAB) was investigating rental power corruption case and was found dead at his residence. He was murdered just because he was fulfilling his duties with honesty. His family and this nation want justice but the low grade justice system of Pakistan depicts a bad image in the world. But I must say his devotion for the well-being of this nation has left imperishable traces on the pages of our history.

I have just highlighted two patriotic personalities, although Pakistan’s history is full of such loyal people. Everybody is just thinking about status and money regardless of the source of income. Every day thousands of people are getting killed and there is dead silence all around us. It happened because we did not have a democratic government. We should not become a part of this corrupt system. Every individual should do fair dealings even on minor level, leaving far behind the greed of money and should set an example for others.

I support Honesty. Do You??

Sara Shahid
Civil Engineer

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