Unit Converter 2.3

Unit Converter 2.3

Unit Converter is a simple, easy to use unit converter, Converting units, regardless if we’re talking about time, length, speed, volume or pressure, takes just a few seconds since many websites lets you do it on the fly. But in case you want to use a converter straight from your desktop without having go online every time, you will need a tool like Unit Converter. The application is absolutely surprising from the point of view of supported units, coming with a wide array of options such as time, circular measure, metric  prefixes, number names, power, length, mass, speed,  volume,  energy,  temperature,  pressure and area. Everything is nicely displayed in a clean and user friendly interface and, as we found out  while  testing  it,  the  whole  conversion process basically needs just a few clicks and a handful of seconds. You are  prompted  to  choose  the input and the output units then type in the value you wish to convert. The conversion is performed in real time, so you won’t have to press a dedicated button for it, which  again  saves  time.  A particularly  useful  function is the adjustable precision, a  feature you can use to decide  how   many  figures  (up to ten)  should  be  displayed. T he ‘Settings’  menu  is  quite  handy  for  those  who  have problems working with so many units because it comes with a  special  option that enables you to organize them by magnitude or alphabetically.As a conclusion, Unit Converter is one of the simplest and most efficient tools you can get your hands on. It works fast and the support for so many units is one of the biggest advantages of this utility

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