Revolution by Youth

4) “Revolution by Youth”

(Date of Publication = 23rd February, 2013)

Revolution by Youth

The students of today are the leaders of tomorrow, but because you have advantage of learning the knowledge. You students, equipped as you are, you can, if you will, abandon irresponsibility and take to seriousness, then you can bring the senile, who are not following the right course, to the right course” (Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah). Mr. Jinnah advised, guided, groomed and rejuvenated the younger generation for the future. Due to his great effort today Pakistan has a different identity in the map of the world as a free state.Revolution by Youth

The above statement of Mr. Jinnah made me realize that as a nation where we are going. What are our responsibilities as Youth? As we all know that Pakistan is facing severe financial and economical crises now-a-days and also the alarming increasing rate of corruption. There is gloomy darkness everywhere. Positivity has been vanished from our personalities. Revolution by Youth

How can we take part in the betterment of state? What we can do? How can we change the current condition of Pakistan in a positive way? WE as YOUTH can take steps to change the circumstances. We have light of knowledge by means of education and it is necessary to prepare ourselves for defense against external aggression and to maintain internal security. We have to be socially responsible individual. Revolution by Youth

Youth the future builder of tomorrow, we can bring change in any society by doing little deeds as; Campaign regarding importance of education. Motivate and encourage people for their good deeds to increase their morale. Proud of being Pakistani and Appreciate and promote Pakistani talent and culture. Voluntarily take part in different activities for the welfare of people. Donate your time and effort for the improvement of country. Whatever you are doing, try to do productive work. Take minor steps like creating awareness for obeying country’s laws i.e.  By obeying traffic rules, there will be fewer accidents, less disgruntled people, and less instances of bribery. Revolution by Youth

If someone is doing something wrong than we can voice our opinions and views against that person by forming a group and protesting but in a civilized manner without causing harm to any national property in a non-aggressive way.  If laws are being violated then we can inform the concerned authorities. We may not be able to stop top officials from stealing from the country’s coffers, but we can help by reporting any instances of bribery on the micro-level that will also be a way to participate in formulating a new and better Pakistan. Revolution by Youth

 It is better to write articles and publish them in newspapers or in magazines if we do not agree with someone in any matter. For making better decisions regarding important issues we should get ourselves updated on what’s going on in the country. We can stop further destruction if we encourage Patriotism in people all around us by teaching them what they can do to become better citizens. We have to take responsibility for our actions that affect the country as a whole. Yes, it’s time to spread the word. Revolution by Youth

Think and share what you can do for your homeland???

    Sara Shahid
Civil Engineer

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