PPSC Interview questions

Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) Interview questions for the post of Sub Divisional Officer (SDO) in irrigation department PPSC Interview questions government of Punjab

Panel = 1 from irrigation department, 1 from ppsc member, 2 from UET teachers (in my case these were Sir Rashid and Sir Ammad)

From member
1) Introduce ur self from the very begining… (i told i hv been working with a design consultantin this intro)
From sir ammad…
2) Have you heard abt nandi pur project?? What is active generation capacity of this project? How power is generated there?
3) Mangla and Terbela are under which department?
4) So u r working with a design consultant?? tell us ur duties there?
5) Ok. so in 220 KVA grid station, what type of foundations are there?
6) How piles are designed? design philosophy.
Then sir Rashid…..
7) how you are relating to over turing with design of pile?
8) types of foundations?
9) what is floating foundation?
10) types of slabs?
11) punching shear check?
12) methods to control punching shear check?
13) according to ACI, min and maximum reinforcement in columns?
14) when to design waffle slab and when to design flat plate and when to design flat slab etc?
From irrigation member…
15) Draw a typical section of distributery with 50 cusec discharge?
16) if 1 cusec flows for 1 day gives 2 acre-ft. What is volume if 1 cusec flows for 1 hour.
17) What is difference between wear and barrage.
18) what is undersluices?
From Sir Ammad….
19) Do you know the full name of irrigation department?
from member….
20) Under what law of pakistan, irrigation department comes?

From other candidates…
1) What is floor beams and what is stringer?
2) what type of bridge is suitable for 3 m span what is for 10 m span?
and some other questions too related to bridges.

PPSC Interview Questions

 Engr. Waqas Haider