(Date of Publication = 22rd February, 2013)

“By far the greatest and most admirable form of wisdom is that needed to plan and beautify cities and human communities”                        (Socrates,469-399 BC)

Metro bus system. Lahore ,the cultural capital and  2nd largest city of Pakistan inhibiting almost a Ten Million people, witnessed a huge breakthrough in its urbanization by the inception of first ever public rapid mass transit system in Pakistan captioned as “ METRO BUS SYSTEM”. This unique and 2nd largest transport infrastructure project of Pakistan with its first corridor  spanning to 27 Km passing by a highly congested space is indeed a great engineering and architectural marvel, thus entitling itself a Gold Standard BRT system second to none in the world. METRO BUS SYSTEM

WHAT IS BRT??,  METRO BUS SYSTEM. A rapid public transport system with quality of rail and flexibility of a Bus.. Known with other Names: Metro Bus System, Express Bus System, Bus way System etc..


  • BRT Type = Full BRT System
  • Project Cost = 300 Million US$
  • Total Length = 27 km (Main Carriage Ways +Two lane Bus Corridor)
  • MBS Flyover = 8.3 km (Elevated Bus Corridor)
  • Total Stations = 27 (18 at Grade,09 Elevated)
  • Pedestrian Overhead Bridges = 31
  • Pedestrian underpasses = 05
  • Passengers Capacity = 12000 P/hr /direction
  • Design Speed = 60 Km/hr.
  • Average Completion Time = 07-08 Months


    • Sponsors / Client=  Govt. of PUNJAB
    • Execution Agency = TEPA , LDA.
    • Consultancy =  NESPAK –ECSP JV
    • Collaborations = Istanbul Ulasim Turkey
    • Operation & Maintenance = Punjab MBS Authority

BRT Planning Process

  • Project Preparation
  • Operational Design
  • Physical Design
  • Integration  with Other modes of transport
  • Business Plan
  • Evaluation & Implementation metro bus system

      Volumes of Work

  • 400,000 Cu.M of Concrete
  • 350,000 Tons of Asphaltic Concrete
  • 40,000 Tons of Steel Work
  • Around a Million Cu.M Earth Work
  • 45 Km under ground Boring for Piles metro bus system

What makes it a Full BRT System??

  • Dedicated Bus Corridor with limited Stops
  • Bus Scheduling System
  • Autofare collection system (e-ticketing)
  • Intelligent Transport System (ITS)
  • Split Bus Stations with proper & safe access
  • Articulated Buses with comfortable ride metro bus system


27 Km of Metro Bus of Lahore = 7.6 Km of Metro Light Rail Transit Lahore = 1.02 Km of Metro Subway Train Lahore. metro bus system

Now which metro system could have been your selection???  147 cities round the world have BRT system but very few have Full BRT System and now Lahore is one of them. metro bus system

Lahore BRT = 11.25 Million US$/km

Bagota’s BRT = 15.9 Million US$/km

London Metro Subway =350 Million US$/km

LosAngles LRT = 37.8 Million US$/km

Building such an infrastructure  unequivocally  is a remarkable achievement yet maintenance & Operation of this system will be an uphill task. Success of this system will assure a cheap, safe and quickest solution  to growing traffic congestion problem in other metropolises of Pakistan because this system assures in moving people rather than vehicles.METRO BUS SYSTEM (MBS) LAHORE

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