Making your own Opportunities

1) “Making your own Opportunities”

(Date of Publication = 19th February, 2013)

Making your own Opportunities

                  University is the time of your life where you get to live it as fully as you ever can. Everyone is full of energy and enthusiasm. You can easily term it as the best time of your whole life. University gives you memories that would burn in your heart until you die and the flames never flicker to death.

Besides all that fun, the scarier part is studies, though very important to become an Engineer. From day one till last all students worked hard for perusing their careers. Students from different backgrounds come there with having concrete objective in their minds. You have to work sometimes under pressure due to work load but this is pretty sure that at the end you will come out as a refined Engineer.

In Final year, every student seems to be worry regarding job opportunities in market and think seriously how to step up in Professional life. This is quite a crucial stage of every student’s life in whatever discipline he is studying. Everyone starts struggling to get a job in one of the best and reputable organizations of country but only few brought home the bacon. Many people go abroad for higher studies and some didn’t find job which truly meets their required criteria. This gives rise to depression because they have set standards for doing job. So in such a situation what measures one should adopt?

In such circumstances, one should never give up and he must be Self Reliance and try to face whatever hurdles life brings into picture. Rather than sitting idle, it is advisable to start your career even with any local firm. Although it is quite sure that salary and benefits would not fulfilling your demands but doing nothing will portray a bad image in your resume. Start your job no matters with even low level of responsibility. With the passage of time, prove your competence; you will be trusted with tasks that have larger consequences and require a higher level of responsibility.

 It is strongly recommended to spend some time with that local firm and gain experience there. Apply also somewhere else where you want to work with. As the time passes, you will be an experienced person in your field. A day will surely come when you will get a job meeting your requirements. Your learning and experience will bridge you to your desired destination because there is no border for success.

At the end I must say learning is important for us to gain knowledge and the learning process in a person’s life should never stop. The important thing is that we ourselves must be determined to learn, discover, educate and contribute something good to ourselves and society. As determination lies within us, opportunities are in every difficulty. It all depends on us so Be the one to make your own opportunities.

 Sara Shahid
Civil Engineer

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5 Replies to “Making your own Opportunities”

  1. it is so good for us to try and endeavor because life is the name of effort

  2. Thnx.. Sara
    It will be very beneficial to all job seekers to do something. Because something is better than nothing.

  3. hi sarah i am zahid i read out the articles which are very interesting . i am a civile engineering student and want you to help me and guide me , so this is my email ( plz inbox me