Long term Career Planning

2) “Long term Career Planning

(Date of Publication = 21st February, 2013)

Long-term Career Planning

The word “Engineering” means the application of scientific, economic, social, and practical knowledge, in order to design, build, and maintain structures, machines, devices, systems, materials and processes. The field of Engineering is infinite like multitudinous galaxies on sky, sand particles in deserts etc. Engineering is all around us in fact it lies under our feet.  There are different types of engineering and every branch exhibits a significant impact on surroundings. Every branch of Engineering is linked with each other. Long term Career Planning

Civil Engineering is considered as mother of all types of engineering. It has been practiced through many centuries.  Civil Engineer is the one who design mega structures and carry out execution works for roads, bridges, dams, plants and buildings and similar structures by using his knowledge of physical sciences and the principles of engineering, acquired by professional education and practical experience. A professional Engineer provides his services for the public welfare or the safeguarding of life, health or property is concerned. Engineers use their knowledge of science, logic, and appropriate experience to resolve different problems. Long term Career Planning

As we all are aware of the fact that Civil Engineering is itself very diversifying field. It includes Structural Engineering, Geo-Technical Engineering, Hydraulic, Irrigation, Pavement and Foundation Engineering etc. In Bachelors we study almost 40 subjects in our course work but no one is able to grasp full command on every subject. After graduation, students find chance to work in different fields of civil engineering. Sometimes they get little confused to choose regarding a particular field of civil engineering which possesses long-run significance for their career. In some cases it also happens that if anyone is interested in structures, he might find job in geo-technical division. Long term Career Planning

An Engineer should taste the flavor of every field i.e. design, execution works, planning and tendering, sub-soil investigation and lab testing etc if he would be given a chance to serve. He surely will find every field as fruitful bunch and interesting. He should be passionate about his career. It is necessary to gain knowledge with full concentration and later on by using his tacit knowledge he will find a way and surely can easily select the discipline which suits him the best. But it is pretty certain that this may take few years. The field in which he is taking more interest and satisfying with its scope of work can be selected for long-term career planning.  Once the field is selected then one will enjoy the unimaginable outcomes and relevant possibilities. He can excel his skills and abilities in specific field and ultimately will find more opportunities for better career growth. Long term Career Planning

I would suggest that for making long-term career planning you must have worthy knowledge about growing market. To make remarkable achievements, An Engineer has already a strong educational background just Need to focus on your goals and get experience by enhancing your skills. It is important to know your values.  You should try to explore yourself and identify your skills in particular field. Search the best possible career options all around you. You must have decision making power to move on. Long term Career Planning

                                                                                                 Sara Shahid
Civil Engineer

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