Introduction to Civil Engineering

12) Introduction to Civil Engineering (For Novices)

(Date of Publication = 6th January, 2014)

Introduction to Civil Engineering

“Scientists research which is present, Engineers make which is not present”

Engineering is a vast career, which is divided into many disciplines. Some of them are major and others are the sub disciplines of major ones’. Introduction to Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is one of the most rampant disciplines of Engineering. It is the oldest engineering discipline after Military Engineering. Cursively, from the word ‘CIVIL’ one can understand the meaning of it. It, roughly, means ‘Construction is very important in Life’. But, if we have bird eye view on its application and careers, one can understand that, its not only limited to construction. It is also applied on the natural structures along with the construction of Dams, Bridges, Highways, Roads, Buildings, and Savages etc. Introduction to Civil Engineering

In Pakistan, if we go a decade back, it was considered as one of the elite Engineering field. Civil engineering, in past, was a way for the elite Government jobs. After few decades, in present, despite of many new emerging fields, it has not lost its glory. Speaking about its sub disciplines, it can be divided in to many disciplines like Introduction to Civil Engineering

  1. Environmental Engineering;
  2. Geotechnical Engineering;
  3. Geophysics Engineering;
  4. Geodesy Engineering;
  5. Control Engineering;
  6. Structural Engineering;
  7. Transportation Engineering;
  8. Earth Sciences;
  9. Atmospheric Sciences;
  10. Forensic Engineering;
  11. Urban Engineering;
  12. Water Resources Engineering;
  13. Materials Engineering;
  14. Offshore Engineering;
  15. Quantity Surveying;
  16. Coastal engineering;
  17. Construction Engineering.

Apart from aforementioned disciplines, there are many other new disciplines too. Introduction to Civil Engineering

For those, who want to know about career, it is experimented that jobs offered for civil Engineers have more perks and privileges than any other engineering jobs. It must be memorised that, it is possible, that might be your first job will not have the most perks privileges. In fact, your first job, might be, too hard with low compensation but this job experience and practice will surely lead you to a successful life. Introduction to Civil Engineering

 Abdul Mannan Yousfani
Student Civil Engineering Department
MUET, Jamshoro.

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