PPSC Test Questions

Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) Test Questions for Post of Assistant Director Works (Civil) by Muhammad Aboubakar

ppsc test questions (options in brackets are the correct ones) 

1. Euler’s Crippling Load for Column with one end fixed and one end free will be _____”less” than Euler’s Crippling Load for Column with both ends Hinged.

2. After Tension test on two specimens, the specimen having %age reduction in area of 60% has ______”more” ductility than that of having 40%.

3. The Shear force diagram of a simply supported beam carrying Uniformly distributed load consists of _______ “two right angled triangles”.

4. If a member is subjected to stress (tensile) of 20KN/m2 along one axis and stress (Compressive) of 10 KN/m2 perpendicular to first axis, then the Shear stress will be __________. a-5KN/m2, b-10KN/m2, c-15KN/m2, d-20KN/m2

5. A cantilever beam is subjected to point load at free end, the maximum compressive stress will be developed at __________” extreme bottom fibres at free end)

6. A rectangular Beam of Cross sectional Area “A”, Length”L”, width “B” and depth “D” will have ________ “less, more, same” elastic strength than rectangular Beam of Cross sectional Area “A”, Length”L”, width “B” and depth “2D”.

7. The shear strength of a hollow shaft(Outer diameter=D, Inner Diameter= D/2) will be _____ “15/16” times shear strength of a solid shaft of diameter “D”.

8. When a closed helix spring is subjected to axial compressive load then the deformation in the spring will be _____ a-Crushing, (b-torsion), c- bending, d-shear

9. Ratio between change in volume to original volume is _______ (a-Vol. Strain), b- Poisson’s Ratio,

10. In Shear force Diagram, where Shear Force is zero, Bending Moment at that point will be ________ “Maximum”

11. Ductility of a material _______ with increase in %age reduction in Area of member during Tension Test. (a-decreases), b-increases, c-remains same

12. Rankine Theory Assumptions

13. Strain Energy Stored in a spring under Maximum Load without sufficient permanent deformation is called ________ a-Impact Energy, b-Proof Resilience, c-Proof Stress, (d-Modulus of Resilience)

14. Beam will have uniform strength throughout the length of the member if:
(a- Beam has same cross-sectional properties throughout the length)
b- if loading throughout the length is same

15. If ($) normal stress is acting along longitudinal axis of member, then Resultant of stresses along a plane at angle (@) w.r.t. applied normal stress will be:
a- $sin@, b- $cos@, c- $sin2@ , d- $cos2@

16.. Assumptions of Bending Theory

17. If a cylinder is subjected to internal hoop stresses (burst pressure) then the cylinder will ______
(a- increase in Vol. and decrease in Length)
b- decrease in Vol. and decrease in Length
c- decrease in Vol. and increase in Length
d- increase in Vol. and increase in Length

18. Point of Contra flexure occur in
a- Simply Supported Beams
(b- Fixed Ended Beams)
c- Cantilever Beams
d- Overhanging Beams

19- Buckling in Compression Members takes place along:
(a- Least Radius of Gyration)
b- Parallel to Load Axis
c- Perpendicular to Load Axis
d- minimum x-sectional Dimensions

20. Along Principal Plane, shear stresses are:
(a- zero)
b- minimum
c- maximum
d- constant

21. Cubic Parabola Shear Force diagram of Cantilever Beams occurs incase of:
a- Uniformly distributed Load
(b- Uniformly varying load)
c- in between points where no load acts
d- point loading

22. Slenderness is Ratio between:
a- Least Radius of Gyration to Length
(b- Length to Least Radius of Gyration)

23. For Two Shafts of equal Length including one hollow, have equal Torque and equal Maximum Shear Stress, they should have equal:
a- angle of twist
(b- Polar Moment of Inertia)
c- Polar Modulus
d- diameter

24. Type of Welds usually used in construction now a day:
(a- Fillet Weld)
b- Beam Weld
c- Rivet Weld
d- Structure Weld

25. In practical, drawing prepared by practicing drafters for 3-d views are:
a- isometric
b- orthographic
c- auxiliary
d- perspective

26. Purpose of Curing of concrete is to stop:
a- increase in temperature of concrete
b- decrease in moisture of concrete
c- loss of moisture
d- dry shrinkage cracking

27. Shear stress in rectangular x-sec beam for torque will be Maximum at:
a- Center of Longer side of x-sec
b- Center of Shorter side of x-sec
c- Corners
(d- maximum distance away from Centroid).

28. Limiting Strain in Concrete is :
a- 0.001
b- 0.002
(c- 0.003)
d- 0.004

29. Split Cylinder test is performed to determine:
(a- MOR)
b- Durability
c- Slump
d- Compressive Strength

30. In I-section beam, subjected to transverse loading, Shear Stress will be maximum at:
a- bottom of flange in flange portion
b- bottom of flange in web portion
c- extreme fibers
(d- Neutral Axis)

31. Member subjected to bi-axial stresses, Radius of Mohr Circle will be:
(a- Half of difference of stresses)
b- half of summation of stresses
c- differences of stresses

32. A short column is subjected to Axial Compressive Load, the failure will be:
a- Concrete Crushes first
b- Steel Yields first
c- Concrete Crushing & Steel Yielding is expected to take place at same time with sufficient margin of safety
d- Strength depends upon presence of ties and spiral in member

33. During tension test on Mild Steel specimen, cause of Cup-Cone failure is
(a- Shear Stress)
b- Principal Stress
c- Principal Strain
d- Strain Energy

34. In fixed ended beam, Ratio between moment at center to moment at end support is:
(a- 1:2)
b- 1:1
c- 2:3
d- 1:4

35. Depth of footing is controlled by:
a- one-way shear
b- punching shear
c- both by one-way & punching shear
d- flexure

36. Critical Section in Isolated Footings for One way Shear occurs at ____ of depth from face of column?

37. Critical Section in Isolated Footings for Punching Shear occurs at ____ of depth from face of column?

38. Shrinkage of Concrete depends upon:
a- Humidity
b- Time
c- Ambient temperature
(d- all)

39. SPT is performed in borehole, where bottom discharge bit was used for drilling:
a- SPT strength/resistance will increase
b- SPT will decrease
c- SPT will remains same
d- Not able to say anything

40. End Platten Effect during compression test:
(a- increases the lateral confinement at ends of sample)
b-, c-, d- not correct

41. A rectangular beam has x-sectional dimensions (b= 100mm, d= 150mm) is subjected to a force _______, results in shear stress of 2N/mm2.
a- 20 N
(b- 30 N)
c- 40 N
d- 25 N

42. Which Steel is more brittle having:
(a- High Carbon)
b- Medium Carbon
c- Low Carbon
d- Twisted Steel

43. Method of Reducing Differential Settlement of building on sand:
a- increase dimensions of large footing
b- increase dimensions of smallest footing
c- bla bla ( c option was not satisfying)
(d- none)

44.Barrage is constructed for the purpose of:
a- (River diversion)
b- Storage
c- both a&b
d- recreation

45. Dry unit weight of a moist soil is _____ than bulk unit weight.
(a- less)
b- more
c- equal
d- no specific relation

46. Short Duration Hydro graph can be converted to Long one by:
a- Rating Curve
b- S curve
c- Hyetograph
d- Composite Hydrograph

47. Type of Hydraulic Jump for Froude No. 4.5 to 9 is:
a- Strong
b- Steady
c- Undular
d- weak

48. First Method for management of different activities in Project management is ______:
a. Milestone Chart Method
b. Bar Chart Method
d. CPM

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    • Book which usually students follow
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